Books I authored

I have authored the following 3 books, 1 on Machine Learning and 2 on cricket. All books are available on Amazon as both paperback and kindle versions

1. Deep Learning from first first principles:Second  Edition- In vectorized Python, R and Octave: Paperback $18.99  and kindle version $6.99/Rs449
2. Practical Machine Learning with R and Python: Third Edition-Machine Learning in Stereo’ :-  Paperback @$10.99 and kindle version @ $7.99/Rs449

3. Cricket analytics with cricketr and cricpy-Analytics Harmony with R and Python: Paperback @21.99 and kindle @$9.99/Rs449
4. Cricket analytics with cricketr : Paperback @ $12.99 and kindle version @ $4.99/Rs330
5. Beaten by sheer pace. Cricket analytics with yorkr : Paperback @ $12.99 and kindle version @ $6.99/Rs448

2 thoughts on “Books I authored

  1. Hi Ganesh,

    I like your blog. Analysis of cricket is peeked my interest. I found it while trying to scrap data from cricinfo
    I have some knowledge on Python and little bit on R.
    Can you suggest me some books as beginner or intermediate level , I want to learn Deep learning or Data Analysis.



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