GooglyPlusPlus2022 optimizes batting/bowling lineup

GooglyPlusPlus2022 is the new avatar of last year’s GooglyPlusPlus2021. Roughly, about 5 years back I had written a post on Using linear programming to optimize T20 batting and bowling line up. This post has been on the back of my mind for a long time and I decided to pay this post a revisit. This requires computing performance of individual batsmen vs bowlers and vice-versa for performing the optimization. So in this latest incarnation, there are 4 new functions

  1. batsmanVsBowlerPerf – Performance of batsmen against chosen bowlers
  2. bowlerVsBatsmanPerf – Performance of bowlers versus specific batsmen
  3. battingOptimization – Optimizing batting line up based on strike rates ad remaining overs
  4. bowlingOptimization – Optimizing bowling line up based on economy rates and remaining overs

These 4 functions have been incorporated in all the supported 9 T20 formats namely a. IPL b. Intl. T20(men) c. Intl. T20 (women) d. BBL e. NTB f. PSL g. WBB h. CPL i. SSM

Check out GooglyPlusPlus2022!!

You can clone/fork the code for GooglyPlusPlus2022 from Github from gpp2022-1

With this latest update you can do a myriad of analyses of batsmen, bowlers, teams, matches. This is just-in-time for the IPL Mega-auction!! Do check out these other posts of GooglyPlusPlus for other detailed analysis

  1. GooglyPlusPlus2021: Towards more picturesque analytics!
  2. GooglyPlusPlus2021 now with power play, middle and death over analysis
  3. GooglyPlusPlus2021 adds new bells and whistles!!
  4. GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!

A) Batsman Vs Bowlers – This option computes the performance of individual batsman against individual bowlers

a) IPL Batsmen vs Bowlers

Included below are the performances of Dhoni, Raina and Kohli against Malinga, Ashwin and Bumrah. Note: The last 2 text box input are not required for this.

b) Intl. T20 (men) Batsmen vs Bowlers

Note: You can type the name and choose from the drop down list

B) Bowler vs Batsmen – You can check the performance of specific bowlers against specific batsmen

a) Intl. T20 (women) India vs Australia

b) PSL Bowlers vs Batsmen

C) Strategy for optimizing batting and bowling line up

From the above 2 tabs, it is obvious, that different bowlers have different ER and wicket rate against different batsmen. In other words, the effectiveness of the bowlers varies by batsmen. Conversely, batsmen are more comfortable with certain bowlers versus others and this shows up in different strike rates.

Hence during the death overs, when trying to restrict batsmen to a certain score or on the flip side when the batting side needs to score a target within certain overs, we need to take advantage of the relative effectiveness of bowlers vs batsmen for optimising bowling and aggressiveness of batsmen versus bowlers to quickly reach the target.

This is the approach that is used for bowling and batting optimisation. For optimising bowling, we need to formulate a minimisation problem based on ER rates and for optimising batting, a maximisation strategy is chosen based on SR. ‘Integer programming’ is used to compute during the last set of overs

This latest version includes optimization using “integer programming” based on R package lpSolve.

Here are the 2 formulations

Assume there are 3 bowlers – bwlr_{1},bwlr_{2},bwlr_{3}
and there are 3 batsmen – bman_{1},bman_{2},bman_{3}

I) LP Formulation for bowling order

Let the economy rate er_{ij} be the Economy Rate of the jth bowler to the ith batsman. Also if remaining overs for the bowlers are o_{1},o_{2},o_{3}
and the total number of overs left to be bowled are
o_{1}+o_{2}+o_{3} = N

Let the economy rate er_{ij} be the Economy Rate of the jth bowler to the ith batsman.
Objective function : Minimize –
er_{11}*o_{11} + er_{12}*o_{12} +..+er_{1n}*o_{1n}+ er_{21}*o_{21} + er_{22}*o_{22}+.. + er_{22}*o_{2n}+ er_{m1}*o_{m1}+..+ er_{mn}*o_{mn}
Where o_{j} is the number of overs remaining for the jth bowler against  ‘k’ batsmen
o_{j1} + o_{j2} + .. o_{jk} < o_{j}
and if the total number of overs remaining to be bowled is N then
o_{1} + o_{2} +...+ o_{k} = N or
\sum_{j=1}^{j=k} o_{j} =N
The overs that any bowler can bowl is o_{j} >=0

II) LP Formulation for batting lineup

Let the strike rate sr_{ij}  be the Strike Rate of the ith batsman to the jth bowler
Objective function : Maximize –
sr_{11}*o_{11} + sr_{12}*o_{12} +..+ sr_{1n}*o_{1n}+ sr_{21}*o_{21} + sr_{22}*o_{22}+.. sr_{2n}*o_{2n}+ sr_{m1}*o_{m1}+..+ sr_{mn}*o_{mn}
Where o_{j} is the number of overs remaining for the jth bowler against  ‘k’ batsmen
o_{j1} + o_{j2} + .. o_{jk} < o_{j}
and the total number of overs remaining to be bowled is N then
o_{1} + o_{2} +...+ o_{k} = N or
\sum_{j=1}^{j=k} o_{j} =N
The overs that any bowler can bowl is
o_{j} >=0

C) Optimized bowling lineup

a) IPL – Optimizing bowling line up

Note: For computing the Optimal bowling lineup, the total number of overs remaining and the number of overs for each bowler have to be entered.

b) PSL – Optimizing batting line up

d) Optimized batting lineup

a) Intl. T20 (men) India vs England

b) Carribean Premier LeagueOptimizing batting line up

Give GooglyPlusPlus2022 a spin!

You can also check the code here gpp2022-1

Hope you have a good time with GooglyPlusPlus2022!

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 now with power play, middle and death over analysis

This latest edition of GooglyPlusPlus2021 now includes detailed analysis of teams, batsmen and bowlers in power play, middle and death overs. The T20 format is based on 3 phases as each side faces 20 overs.

Power play: Overs: 0 – 6 – No more than 2 players can be outside the 30 yard circle

Middle overs: Overs: 7- 16 – During these overs the batting side tries to consolidate their innings

Death overs: Overs: 16 -20 – During these 5 overs the batting side tries to accelerate the scoring rate, while the bowling side will try to restrict the batsmen against going for big hits

This is shown below

This latest update of GooglyPlusPlus2021 includes the following functions

a) Match tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOvers
  2. teamSRAcrossOvers
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOvers
  4. teamERAcrossOvers
  5. matchWormWickets

b) Head-to-head tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  2. teamSRAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  4. teamERAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  5. topRunsBatsmenAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  6. topSRBatsmenAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  7. topWicketsBowlersAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  8. topERBowlerAcrossOverOppnAllMatches

c) Overall performance tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  2. teamSRAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  4. teamERAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  5. topRunsBatsmenAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  6. topSRBatsmenAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  7. topWicketsBowlersAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  8. topERBowlerAcrossOverAllOppnAllMatches

Hence a total of 8 + 8 + 5 = 21 functions have been added. These functions can be utilized across all the 9 T20 formats that are supported in GooglyPlusPlus2021 namely

i) IPL ii) Intl. T20 (men) iii) Intl. T20 (women) iv) BBL v) NTB vi) PSL vii) CPL viii) SSM ix) WBB

Hence there are a total of 21 x 9 = 189 new possibilities to explore in GooglyPlusPlus2021

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is based on my R package yorkr and is based on data from Cricsheet. To know how to use GooglyPlusPlus see any of earlier posts GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!, GooglyPlusPlus2021 adds new bells and whistles!!, GooglyPlusPlus2021 enhanced with drill-down batsman, bowler analytics

Take GooglyPlusPlus for a spin here GooglyPlusPlus2021-9

You can clone/fork the code for the Shiny app from Github – gpp2021-9

Included below is a random selection of options from the 189 possibilities mentioned above. Feel free to try out for yourself

A) IPL – CSK vs KKR 2018-04-10

a) Team Runs in power play, middle and death overs

b) Team Strike rate in power play, middle and death overs

B) Intl. T20 (men) – India vs Afghanistan (2021-11-03)

a) Team wickets in power play, middle and death overs

b) Team Economy rate in power play, middle and death overs

C) Intl. T20 (women) Head-to-head : India vs Australia since 2018

a) Team Runs in all matches in power play, middle and death overs

D) PSL Head-to-head strike rate since 2019

a) Team vs team Strike rate : Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalanders since 2019 in power play, middle and death overs

E) Team overall performance in all matches against all opposition

a) BBL : Brisbane Heats : Team Wickets between 2015 – 2018 in power play, middle and death overs

F) Top Runs and Strike rate Batsman of Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2018

a) Top runs scorers for Mumbai Indians (MI) in power play, middle and death overs

b) Top strike rate for RCB in power play, middle and death overs

F) Intl. T20 (women) India vs England since 2018

a) Top wicket takers for England in power play, middle and death overs since 2018

b) Top wicket takers for India in power play, middle and death overs since 2018

G) Intl. T20 (men) All time best batsmen and bowlers for India

a) Most runs in power play, middle and death overs

b) Highest strike rate in power play, middle and death overs

H) Match worm wicket chart

In addition to the usual Match worm chart, I have also added a Match Wicket worm chart in the latest version

Note: You can zoom to the area where you would like to focus more

The option of looking at the Match worm chart (without wickets) also exists.

Go ahead take GooglyPlusPlus2021 for a test drive and check out how your favourite players perform in power play, middle and death overs. Click GooglyPlusPlus2021-9

You can fork/download the app code from Github at gpp2021-9

Hope you have fun with GooglyPlusPlus

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GooglyPlusPlus2021:ICC WC T20:Pavilion-view analytics as-it-happens!

This year 2021, we are witnessing a rare spectacle in the cricketing universe, where IPL playoffs are immediately followed by ICC World Cup T20. Cricket pundits have claimed such a phenomenon occurs once in 127 years! Jokes apart, the World cup T20 is underway and as usual GooglyPlusPlus is ready for the action.

GooglyPlusPlus will provide near-real time analytics, by automatically downloading the latest match data daily, processing and organising the match data into appropriate folders so that my R package yorkr can slice and dice the data to provide the pavilion-view analytics.

The charts capture all the breathless, heart-pounding, and nail-biting action in great details in the many tables and plots. Every table and chart tell a story. You just have to ‘read between the lines!’

GooglyPlusPlus2021 will update itself automatically every day, so the data will be current and you can analyse all matches upto the previous day, along with the historical performances of the teams. So make sure you check it everyday.


  1. All charts are interactive. To know how to use the interactive charts see my post GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!
  2. The are 5 tabs for each of the formats supported by GooglyPlusPlus2021 which now supports IPL, Intl. T20(men), Intl. T20(women), BBL, NTB, PSL, CPL, SSM, WBB. Besides, it also supports ODI (men) and ODI (women)
  3. Each of the formats have 5 tabs – Batsman, Bowler, Match, Head-to-head and Overall Performace.
  4. All T20 formats also include a ranking functionality for the batsmen and bowlers
  5. You can now perform drill-down analytics for batsmen, bowlers, head-to-head and overall performance based on date-range selector functionality. The ranking tabs also include date range selector granular analysis. For more details see GooglyPlusPlus2021 enhanced with drill-down batsman, bowler analytics

Try out GooglyPlusPlus2021 here gpp2021-8!!

You can clone fork the code from Github gpp2021-8

I am including some random screenshots of things that can be done with GooglyPlusPlus2021

A. Papua New Guinea vs Oman (2021-10-17)

a. Batting partnership

B. Match worm chart (New Papua Guinea v Oman)

This was a no contest as Oman cruised to victory

C. Scotland vs Bangladesh (2021-10-17)

a. Scorland upset Bangladesh

b. March worm chart (Scotland vs Bangladesh)

Fortunes see-sawed one way, then another, as can be seen in the match worm chart

C. Netherlands vs Ireland (2021-10-18)

a. Batman vs Bowler

D. Historical performance head-to-head

a. Sri Lanka vs West Indies (2019-2021) – Batting partnerships

b. India vs England (2018 – 2021) – Bowling scorecard

c) Australia vs South Africa – Team wicket opposition

E) Overall performance

a. Pakistan batting scorecard since 2019

a. Win loss of Australia since 2019

F) Batsman Performance

a. PR Stirling’s runs against opposition since 2019

b. KJ Brien’s cumulative average runs since 2019

G. Bowler performance

a. PWH De Silva’s wicket prediction since 2019

b. T Shamsi’s cumulative average wickets since 2019

H. Ranking Intl. T20 batsman since 2019

a. Runs over Strike rate

b. Strike rate over runs

I. Ranking bowlers since 2019

a. Wickets over Economy rate

b. Economy rate over wickets

As mentioned above GooglyPlusPlus2021 will be updated daily automatically, so you won’t miss any analytic action.

Do give GooglyPlusPlus2021 a spin!

Clone/fork the code for the Shiny app from Github gpp2021-8

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 adds new bells and whistles!!

This latest update of GooglyPlusPlus2021 includes new controls which allow for granular analysis of teams and matches. This version includes a new ‘Date Range’ widget which will allow you to choose a specific interval between which you would like to analyze data. The Date Range widget has been added to 2 tabs namely

a) Head-to-Head

b) Overall Performance

Important note:

This change is applicable to all T20 formats and ODI formats that GooglyPlusPlus2021 handles. This means you can do fine-grained analysis of the following formats

a. IPL b. Intl. T20 (men) c. Intl. T20 (women)

d. BBL e. NTB f. PSL

g. WBB h. CPL i. SSM

j. ODI (men) k. ODI (women)

Important note 1: Also note that all charts in GooglyPlusPlus2021 are interactive. You ca hover over the charts to get details of the data below. You can also selectively filter in bar charts using double-click and click. To know more about how to use GooglyPlusPlus2021 interactively, please see my post GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!

You can clone/download the code for GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

Try out GooglyPlusPlus2021 here GooglyPlusPlus2021

Here are some random examples from the latest version of GooglyPlusPlus2021

a) Team Batting Scorecard – MI vs CSK (all matches 2008-2013) – Tendulkar era

Tendulkar is the top scorer, followed by Rohit Sharma and Jayasuriya for Mumbai Indians

b) Team Batting Partnerships (MI -CSK) – Tendulkar’s partnerships

Partnerships for Tendulkar with his MI team mates

c) Team Bowler Wicket Kinds (Opposition countries vs India in all matches in T20)

d) Win vs Loss India vs Australia T20 Women (2010 – 2015)

Australia won all 3 matches against India

e) Win vs Loss India vs Australia T20 Women (2015 – 2020)

Between 2016-2020 the tally is 3-2 for Australia vs India

f) Wins vs Losses – MI vs all other teams 2013 – 2018

g) Team Batting Partnerships Head-to-head Australia vs England ODI (Women)

Partnerships of Australia women EA Perry and AJ Blackwell for Australia

Go ahead give GooglyPlusPlus2021 a try!

Hope you have fun!

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive. Please read the below post carefully to see the different ways you can interact with the data in the plots.

There are 2 main updates in this latest version of GooglyPlusPlus2021

a) GooglyPlusPlus gets all ‘touchy, feely‘ with the data and now you can interact with the plot/chart to get more details of the underlying data. There are many ways you can slice’n dice the data in the charts. The examples below illustrate a few of this. You can interact with plots by hover’ing, ‘click’ing and ‘double-click’ing curves, plots, barplots to get details of the data.

b) GooglyPlusPlus also includes the ‘Super Smash T20’ league from New Zealand. You can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches, teams and rank Super Smash (SSM) also

Note: GooglyPlusPlus2021 can handle a total of 11 formats including T20 and ODI. They are

i) IPL ii) Intl. T20(men) ii) Intl. T20(women) iv) BBL

v) NTB vi) PSL vii) WBB. viii) CPL

ix) SSM x) ODI (men) xi) ODI (women)

Each of these formats have 7 tabs which are

— Analyze batsman

— Analyze bowlers

— Analyze match

— Head-to-head

— Team vs all other teams

— Rank batsmen

— Rank bowlers

Within these 11 x 7 = 77 tabs you can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches, head-to-head, team vs all other teams and rank players for T20 and ODI. In addition all plots have been made interactive so there is a lot more information that you can get from these charts

Try out the interactive GooglyPlusPlus2021 now!!!

You can fork/clone the Shiny app from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

Below I have randomly included some charts for different formats to show how you can interact with them

a) Batsman Analysis – Runs vs Deliveries (IPL)


The plot below gives the number of runs scored by David Warner vs Deliveries faced.

b) Batsman Analysis – Runs vs Deliveries (IPL) (prediction)

Since a 2nd order regression line,with confidence intervals(shaded area), has been fitted in the above plot, we can predict the runs given the ‘balls faced’ as below

Click ‘Toggle Spike lines’ (use palette on top-right)

By using hover(mouse-over) on the curve we can determine the predicted number of runs Warner will score given a certain number of deliveries

c) Bowler Analysis – Wickets against opposition – Intl. T20 (women)

Jhulan Goswami’s wickets against opposition countries in Intl. T20 (women)

d) Bowler Analysis (Predict bowler wickets) IPL – (non-interactive**)

Note: Some plots are non-interactive, like the one below which predicts the number of wickets Bumrah will take based on number of deliveries bowled

e) Match Analysis – Batsmen Partnership -Intl. T20 (men)

India vs England batting partnership between Virat Kohli & Shikhar Dhawan in all matches between England and India

f) Match Analysis – Worm chart (Super Smash T20) SSM

i) Worm chart of Auckland vs Northern Districts (29 Jan 2021).

ii) The final cross-over happens around the 2nd delivery of the 19th over (18.2) as Northern Districts over-takes Auckland to win the match.

g) Head-to-head – Team batsmen vs bowlers (Bangladesh batsmen against Afghanistan bowlers) Intl. T20 (men)

Batting performance of Shakib-al-Hasan (Bangladesh) against Afghanistan bowlers in Intl. T20 (men)

h) Head-to-head – Team batsmen vs bowlers (Bangladesh batsmen against Afghanistan bowlers) Intl. T20 (men)Filter

Double click on Shakib-al-Hasan on the legend to get the performance of Shakib-al-Hasan against Afghanistan bowlers

Avoiding the clutter

i) Head-to-head – Team bowler vs batsmen (Chennai Super Kings bowlers vs Mumbai Indians batsmen) – IPL

If you choose the above option the resulting plot is very crowded as shown below

To get the performance of Mumbai Indian (MI) batsmen (Rohit Sharma & Kieron Pollard) against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bowlers in all matches do as told below

Steps to avoid clutter in stacked bar plots

1) This can be avoided by selectively choosing to filter out the batsmen we are interested in. say RG Sharma and Kieron Pollard. Then double-ciick RG Sharma, this is will bring up the chart with only RG Sharma as below

2) Now add additional batsmen you are interested in by single-clicking. In the example below Kieron Pollard is added

You can continue to add additional players that you are interested by single clicking.

j) Head-to-head (Performance of Indian batsmen vs Australian bowlers)- ODI

In the plot V Kohli, MS Dhoni and SC Ganguly have been selected for their performance against Australian bowlers (use toggle spike lines)

k) Overall Performance – PSL batting partnership against all teams (Fakhar Zaman)

The plot below shows Fakhar Zaman (Lahore Qalanders) partnerships with other teammates in all matches in PSL.

l) Win-loss against all teams (CPL)

Win-loss chart of Jamaica Talawallahs (CPL) in all matches against all opposition

m) Team batting partnerships against all teams for India (ODI Women)

Batting partnerships of Indian ODI women against all other teams

n) Ranking of batsmen (IPL 2021)

Finally here is the latest ranking of IPL batsmen for IPL 2021 (can be done for all other T20 formats)

o) Ranking of bowlers (IPL 2021)

Clone/download the Shiny app from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out GooglyPlusPlus2021!

Knock yourself out!

Enjoy enjaami!!!

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 with IPL 2021, as-it-happens!

A brand new season of IPL 2021 is on its way, and I intend to keep my Shiny app GooglyPlusPlus updated with all the analysis “as-it-happens”. I had written a post earlier Big Data 7: yorkr waltzes with Apache NiFi, where I used my R package yorkr in a NiFi pipeline to automate downloading, converting and generating appropriate data for GooglyPlusPlus. However, using Apache NiFi for daily updates would be an overkill. So, I have created a ‘big bash script’ (with shell,R,python scripts) and scheduled daily with CRON, which will get daily updates from Cricsheet, convert the yaml files, generate the necessary data files for GooglyPlusPlus in an automated way, using my R package yorkr, and integrate with the Shiny app

Now, you should be able to do detailed analysis of batsmen, bowlers, IPL matches, IPL teams and also do the ranking of the batsmen and bowlers as new data is added on a daily basis. Also remember that GooglyPlusPlus2021 can do similar analysis for all T20 formats (Intl. T20 (men,women), BBL, NTB, PSL, CPL, WBB etc.)

Check out GooglyPlusPlus2021-IPL 2021

I will be keeping the app updated as data becomes available after the match. Do check it out. Here are some random analysis of the the completed 29 matches (see included matches in table below)

You can download/clone the code for GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github at gpp2021-1

You can perform analysis of the completed matches in the ‘IPL Match’ tab as shown below

A) Mumbai Indians-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-09

a) Match scorecard – Mumbai Indians

Note: The scorecards are computed in real time.

b) Batting Partnerships – Royal Challengers Bangalore

c) Bowling Wicket Kind – Royal Challengers Bangalore

B) Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals – 2021-04-10

d) Batting Partnerships (table) – Delhi Capitals

e) Match Worm Graph

C) Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad – 2021-04-11

f) Batsmen vs Bowlers

D) Final ranks of IPL 2021 batsmen

E) Final ranks of IPL 2021 bowlers

Incidentally GooglyPlusPlus2021 has also been updated with all matches PSL 2021. Here is a sample

PSL 2021

F) Quetta Gladiators vs Lahore Qalanders – 22-02-2021

G) Ranks of batsmen PSL 2021

H) Ranks bowlers PSL 2021

Important note :

Note: 1) The GooglyPlusPlus2021 Shiny app also includes functions for performing the following analysis namely

  • detailed analysis of batsmen
  • detailed analysis of bowlers
  • match analysis
  • Head-to-head between 2 IPL teams
  • Analysis of IPL team against all other teams
  • Ranking of batsmen based on number of years and matches played
  • Ranking of bowlers based on number of years and matches played

So do check the other tabs of this app

2) GooglyPlusPlus2021 can do similar analysis for other T20 games like Intl. T20 (men,women), BBL, NTB, PSL and so on.

Give GooglyPlusPlus2021 a spin!!

Download/clone the code for GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github at gpp2021-1

GooglyPlusPlus2021 has been updated with all the completed 29 matches

Mumbai Indians-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-09Chennai Super Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-10
Kolkata Knight Riders-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-11Punjab Kings-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-12
Mumbai Indians-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-13Royal Challengers Bangalore-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-14
Delhi Capitals-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-15Punjab Kings-Chennai Super Kings-2021-04-16
Mumbai Indians-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-17Royal Challengers Bangalore-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-18
Punjab Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-18Chennai Super Kings-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-19
Mumbai Indians-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-20Punjab Kings-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-21
Chennai Super Kings-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-21Rajasthan Royals-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-22
Mumbai Indians-Punjab Kings-2021-04-23Kolkata Knight Riders-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-24
Chennai Super Kings-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-25Delhi Capitals-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-25
Punjab Kings-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-26Royal Challengers Bangalore-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-27
Sunrisers Hyderabad-Chennai Super Kings-2021-04-28Rajasthan Royals-Mumbai Indians-2021-04-29
Kolkata Knight Riders-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-29Punjab Kings-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-30.RData
Chennai Super Kings-Mumbai Indians-2021-05-01Rajasthan Royals-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-05-02
Punjab Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-05-02

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yorkr rocks women’s One Day International (ODI) and International T20!!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged


yorkr, this time, rocks women’s cricket!!! In this post, my R package yorkr analyzes women’s One Day International and International T20. The latest changes in my R package yorkr, as mentioned in my last post Revitalizing R package yorkr, included the modifications for the segregation men’s and women’s ODI and T20 matches into separate folders while converting them from YAML to R data frames. As the data was already converted I could just use the yorkr functions 90+ to analyze the women’s ODI and women’s T20. The data for this is taken from Cricsheet

My R package yorkr has 4 classes of functions

ODI Functions

  • Class 1: Analysis of ODI matches – See ODI-Part 1
  • Class 2: Analysis of all ODI matches between 2 ODI teams – See ODI Part 2
  • Class 3 : Analysis of all matches played by a ODI team againsta all other ODI teams – See ODI Part 3
  • Class 4 : Analysis of ODI batsmen and bowlers – See ODI Part 4

-The converted data is available at yorkrData
-This RMarkdown file has been published at RPubs at yorkrAnalyzesWomensODIT20
-You can download this as a PDF at yorkrAnalyzesWomensODIT20

install.packages("../../../yorkrgit/yorkr_0.0.9.tar.gz",repos = NULL, type="source")

1. Analysis of women’s ODI matches


Save all matches between 2 teams


Save all matches played by an ODI team against all other ODI teams


Since there are several functions in each class, I have randomly selected a few functions to demonstrate yorkr’s analysis ## ODI Match Analysis (Class 1) In the functions below ODI women matches are analyzed as in the India-Australia ODI in 7 Feb 2016.


aus_ind <- overs
## Total= 223
## # A tibble: 7 x 5
##   batsman         ballsPlayed fours sixes  runs
##   <chr>                 <int> <int> <dbl> <dbl>
## 1 H Kaur                   42     2     0    22
## 2 J Goswami                 4     1     0     4
## 3 M Raj                   113    12     0    89
## 4 PG Raut                  31     2     0    24
## 5 S Mandhana               52     7     0    55
## 6 S Pandey                 18     2     0    17
## 7 V Krishnamurthy          21     2     0    12

2.Batting Partnerships

The partnerships in this match between India and Australia. Mithali Raj tops the list, with partnerships with Smriti Mandhana, Harmanpreet Kaur and Punam Raut. The next highest partnership is Smriti Mandhana


Analyze bowling in the women’s ODI England-New Zealand match on 15 Feb 2013

3.Wicket kind

load("../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches/England-New Zealand-2013-02-15.RData")
eng_nz <- overs
teamBowlingWicketKindMatch(eng_nz,"England","New Zealand")

4.Match worm graph

Plot the match worm graph for Pakistan-South Africa women’s ODI 25 Jun 2017

load("../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches/Pakistan-South Africa-2017-06-25.RData")
pak_sa <-overs
matchWormGraph(pak_sa,'Pakistan',"South Africa")

Analysis of team in all matches against another team (Class 2)

5. Team Batsmen partnerships

The functions below analyze all matches between South Africa and Sri Lanka.

load("../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches2Teams/South Africa-Sri Lanka-allMatches.RData")
sa_sl_matches <- matches
m <-teamBatsmenPartnershiOppnAllMatches(sa_sl_matches,'South Africa',report="summary")
## # A tibble: 16 x 2
##    batsman        totalRuns
##    <chr>              <dbl>
##  1 M du Preez           241
##  2 M Kapp               194
##  3 L Wolvaardt          168
##  4 D van Niekerk        138
##  5 L Lee                138
##  6 T Chetty             136
##  7 A Steyn              118
##  8 L Goodall             89
##  9 S Luus                71
## 10 N de Klerk            35
## 11 CL Tryon              15
## 12 F Tunnicliffe         15
## 13 S Ismail               9
## 14 M Klaas                2
## 15 Y Fourie               1
## 16 B Bezuidenhout         0
teamBatsmenPartnershipOppnAllMatchesChart(sa_sl_matches,"Sri Lanka","South Africa")

6. Team bowler wicketkind

The plot below gives the performance if women Indian ODI bowlers in all ODI matches against England. The top wicket takers are Jhulan Goswami, Ekta Bisht, Gouher Sultana

ind_eng_matches <- matches

Performance of women ODI teams against all other teams in all matches (Class 3)

7. Overall batting scorecard

West Indies top scorers in ODI in all matches. The top scorers in West Indies are 1. Stafanie Taylor 2. Deandra Dottin 3. Hayley Matthews

load("../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenAllMatchesAllteams/allMatchesAllOpposition-West Indies.RData")
wi_matches <- matches
m <-teamBattingScorecardAllOppnAllMatches(wi_matches,theTeam="West Indies")
## Total= 4629
## # A tibble: 31 x 5
##    batsman          ballsPlayed fours sixes  runs
##    <chr>                  <int> <int> <int> <dbl>
##  1 SR Taylor               1087    83     7   766
##  2 DJS Dottin               778    69    21   641
##  3 HK Matthews              734    71     4   527
##  4 SA Campbelle             649    39     4   396
##  5 Kycia A Knight           517    35     2   284
##  6 CN Nation                554    31     1   274
##  7 Kyshona A Knight         578    35    NA   264
##  8 MR Aguilleira            481    20     3   252
##  9 B Cooper                 289    19     3   176
## 10 NY McLean                230    18     2   155
## # … with 21 more rows

Individual batsman and bowler performances (Class 4)

8. Batsmen performances

The functions below perform individual batsman and bowler analysis. I chose the top women ODI batsman

  1. Mithali Raj (Ind) has the highest ODI runs with a career average of 50.64
  2. Charlotte Edwards (Eng)
  3. Suzie Bates (NX)
#india_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("India",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#eng_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("England",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#nz_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("New Zealand",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")

mithali <- getBatsmanDetails(team="India",name="M Raj",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails/India-BattingDetails.RData"
charlotte <- getBatsmanDetails(team="England",name="CM Edwards",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails/England-BattingDetails.RData"
suzie<- getBatsmanDetails(team="New Zealand",name="SW Bates",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails/New Zealand-BattingDetails.RData"

Plot Runs vs Strike Rate

p1 <-batsmanRunsVsStrikeRate(mithali,"Mithali Raj")
p2 <- batsmanRunsVsStrikeRate(charlotte, "Charlotte E")
p3 <- batsmanRunsVsStrikeRate(suzie, "Suzie Bates")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

Plot the moving average

p1 <-batsmanMovingAverage(mithali,"Mithali Raj")
p2 <- batsmanMovingAverage(charlotte, "Charlotte E")
p3 <- batsmanMovingAverage(suzie, "Suzie Bates")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

p1 <-batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns(mithali,"Mithali Raj")
p2 <- batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns(charlotte, "Charlotte E")
p3 <- batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns(suzie, "Suzie Bates")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

Analyze ODI bowler performances

9. Bowler performances

The following 3 bowlers have been chosen for analysis

  1. Jhulan Goswami (Ind) is the highest overwall wicket taker with 225 wicket
  2. Anisa Mohammed (WI)
  3. Sana Mir (Pak)
#india_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("India",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#wi_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("West Indies",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#pak_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("Pakistan",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")

jhulan <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="India",name="J Goswami",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
anisa <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="West Indies",name="A Mohammed",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")
sana <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="Pakistan",name="Sana Mir",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/odi/odiWomenBattingBowlingDetails")

Plot the bowler Mean Economy Rate

p1<-bowlerMeanEconomyRate(jhulan,"Jhulan G")
p2<-bowlerMeanEconomyRate(anisa, "Anisa M")
p3<-bowlerMeanEconomyRate(sana, "Sana Mir")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

Plot the cumulative average wickets taken by the bowlers

p1<-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(jhulan,"Jhulan G")
p2<-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(anisa, "Anisa M")
p3<-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(sana, "Sana Mir")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

2. Analysis of women’s International Twenty 20 matches

I have chosen some random yorkr functions to show the analysis of T20 players and matches

T20 Functions

There are the following class of T20 functions

  • Class 1: Analysis of T20 matches – See T20-Part 1
  • Class 2: Analysis of all T20 matches between 2 T20 teams – See T20 Part 2
  • Class 3 : Analysis of all matches played by a T20 team againsta All other T20 teams – See T20 Part 3
  • Class 4 : Analysis of T20 batsmen and bowlers – See T20 Part 4

You can also refer to the yorkr template that I created Analysis of International T20 matches with yorkr templates

Save all matches between teams


Save all T20 matches played by a team against all other teams


T20 Match Analysis (Class 1)

10. Batting scorecard

Print the scorecard for the Bangladesh- Ireland match played on 3 Apr 2014

ban_ire <- overs
## Total= 95
## # A tibble: 9 x 5
##   batsman         ballsPlayed fours sixes  runs
##   <chr>                 <int> <dbl> <dbl> <dbl>
## 1 Ayasha Rahman            19     2     0    12
## 2 Fahima Khatun             2     0     0     0
## 3 Lata Mondal              12     1     0     8
## 4 Panna Ghosh               3     0     0     4
## 5 Rumana Ahmed             14     3     0    16
## 6 Salma Khatun              6     1     0     7
## 7 Shaila Sharmin            7     0     0     6
## 8 Shamima Sultana          11     0     0     7
## 9 Sharmin Akhter           46     3     0    35

Plot the performance of T20 batsmen against in bowlers in Germany – Netherlands.

ger_net <- overs

11. Bowling scorecard

Print the bowling scorecard of Hong Kong-Kuwait T20 match played on 25 Feb 2019

load("../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches/Hong Kong-Kuwait-2019-02-25.RData")
hk_kuw <-overs
teamBowlingScorecardMatch(hk_kuw,'Hong Kong')
## # A tibble: 5 x 5
##   bowler      overs maidens  runs wickets
##   <chr>       <int>   <int> <dbl>   <int>
## 1 Chan Ka Man     2       0     5       1
## 2 KY Chan         3       1     2       4
## 3 M Hill          2       0     6       1
## 4 M Wai Siu       2       0    11       1
## 5 M Yousaf        1       1     0       3

Head to head between 2 women’s T20 teams (Class 2)

12. Team batting partnerships

Print the partnership among Indian T20 women in all matches against England

ind_eng_matches <- matches
m <-teamBatsmenPartnershiOppnAllMatches(ind_eng_matches,'India',report="detailed")
##       batsman      nonStriker partnershipRuns totalRuns
## 1       M Raj        A Sharma               2       233
## 2       M Raj      BS Fulmali              25       233
## 3       M Raj       DB Sharma              16       233
## 4       M Raj          H Kaur              18       233
## 5       M Raj       J Goswami               6       233
## 6       M Raj         KV Jain               5       233
## 7       M Raj        L Kumari               5       233
## 8       M Raj     N Niranjana               3       233
## 9       M Raj        N Tanwar              17       233
## 10      M Raj         PG Raut              41       233
## 11      M Raj      R Malhotra               5       233
## 12      M Raj      S Mandhana              17       233
## 13      M Raj          S Naik              10       233
## 14      M Raj        S Pandey              19       233
## 15      M Raj        SK Naidu              37       233
## 16      M Raj V Krishnamurthy               7       233
## 17 S Mandhana          H Deol              20       145
## 18 S Mandhana    JI Rodrigues              47       145
## 19 S Mandhana           M Raj              32       145
## 20 S Mandhana   Shafali Verma              46       145
## 21     H Kaur        A Sharma               1       137
## 22     H Kaur        AA Patil               8       137
## 23     H Kaur       DB Sharma              14       137
## 24     H Kaur         E Bisht               3       137
## 25     H Kaur       J Goswami              11       137
## 26     H Kaur    JI Rodrigues              12       137
## 27     H Kaur           M Raj              19       137
## 28     H Kaur      MR Meshram              33       137
## 29     H Kaur        N Tanwar               2       137
## 30     H Kaur         PG Raut               0       137

13. Team batting partnerships (plot)

Plot the batting partnership of Indian T20 womern against England

The best batsmen are Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur in that order


14. Team Wicketkind

Plot the wicket kind taken by the bowlers of Scotland against USA

load("../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches2Teams/Scotland-United States of America-allMatches.RData")
sco_usa_matches <- matches

Performance of teams against all other teams in all T20 matches (Class 3)

15. Overall team scorecard

Print the batting scorecard of Zimbabwe against all other teams

zim_matches <- matches
m <-teamBattingScorecardAllOppnAllMatches(zim_matches,theTeam="Zimbabwe")
## Total= 571
## # A tibble: 7 x 5
##   batsman      ballsPlayed fours sixes  runs
##   <chr>              <int> <int> <int> <dbl>
## 1 SM Mayers            181    20     3   216
## 2 M Mupachikwa         139     9    NA   125
## 3 CS Mugeri             88     9     2   119
## 4 M Musonda             38     2     1    46
## 5 J Nkomo               25     3    NA    34
## 6 A Ndiraya             14     3    NA    18
## 7 AC Mushangwe          13    NA    NA    13

15. Team batting partnerships

Print the batting partnership of West Indies. The best performances are by 1. Stafanie Taylor 2. Deandra Dottin 3. Hayley Matthews

load("../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenAllMatchesAllTeams/allMatchesAllOpposition-West Indies.RData")
wi_matches <- matches
m <- teamBatsmenPartnershipAllOppnAllMatches(wi_matches,theTeam='West Indies')
## # A tibble: 29 x 2
##    batsman        totalRuns
##    <chr>              <dbl>
##  1 SR Taylor           1199
##  2 DJS Dottin           912
##  3 HK Matthews          458
##  4 SA Campbelle         407
##  5 B Cooper             300
##  6 SACA King            287
##  7 MR Aguilleira        250
##  8 CN Nation            243
##  9 Kycia A Knight       240
## 10 NY McLean            142
## # … with 19 more rows

16. Team bowling wicketkind

The plot below shows the women T20 bowlers who have performed the best against India namely 1. Katherine Brunt (Eng) 2. Elysse Perry (Aus) 3. Anya Shrubsole

ind_matches <- matches

Analyze women T20 batsmen & bowlers (Class 4)

17. T20 batsmen performances

The following 4 players were chosen

  1. Harmanpreet Kaur (Ind)
  2. Suzie Bates (NZ)
  3. Meg Lanning (Aus)
  4. Stafanie Tay;or (WI)
#india_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("India",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#eng_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("England",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#aus_details <- getTeamBattingDetails("Australia",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#wi_details <-  getTeamBattingDetails("West Indies",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#nz_details <-  getTeamBattingDetails("New Zealand",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")

harmanpreet <- getBatsmanDetails(team="India",name="H Kaur",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails/India-BattingDetails.RData"
suzie <- getBatsmanDetails(team="New Zealand",name="SW Bates",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails/New Zealand-BattingDetails.RData"
meg <- getBatsmanDetails(team="Australia",name="MM Lanning",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails/Australia-BattingDetails.RData"
stafanie <- getBatsmanDetails(team="West Indies",name="SR Taylor",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails/West Indies-BattingDetails.RData"

Plot the performance of the players against opposition.


batsmanRunsAgainstOpposition(suzie,"Suzie Bates")

batsmanRunsAgainstOpposition(stafanie,"Stafanie Taylor")

batsmanRunsAgainstOpposition(meg,"Meg Lanning")

Plot the cumulative strike rate of the players. Meg Lanning has the best strike rate of the lot. Stafanie and Suzie also touch a strike rate of 100

p2<-batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate(suzie,"Suzie Bates")
p3<-batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate(stafanie,"Stafanie Taylor")
p4 <-batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate(meg,"Meg Lanning")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3,p4, ncol=2)

Analyze women’s T20 bowlers.

18. T20 bowler performances

The following bowlers were chosen for analysis

  1. Poonam Yadav (Ind)
  2. Anisa Mohammed (WI)
  3. Ellyse Perry (Aus)
  4. Anya Shrubsole (England)
#india_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("India",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#wi_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("West Indies",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#aus_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("Australia",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
#eng_details <- getTeamBowlingDetails("England",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenMatches", save=TRUE,odir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")

poonam <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="India",name="Poonam Yadav",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
anisa <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="West Indies",name="A Mohammed",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
ellyse <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="Australia",name="EA Perry",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")
anya <- getBowlerWicketDetails(team="England",name="A Shrubsole",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/t20/t20WomenBattingBowlingDetails")

Plot the bowler’s moving average

p1<-bowlerMovingAverage(poonam,"Poonam Yadav")
p2<-bowlerMovingAverage(anisa,"Anisa M")
p3 <-bowlerMovingAverage(ellyse,"Ellyse Perry")
p4 <-bowlerMovingAverage(anya,"Anya Shrubsole")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3,p4, ncol=2)

Plot the bowlers Cumulative Average Wickets

p1<-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(poonam,"Poonam Yadav")
p2<-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(anisa,"Anisa M")
p3 <-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(ellyse,"Ellyse Perry")
p4 <-bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets(anya,"Anya Shrubsole")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3,p4, ncol=2)

3a. Rank women ODI batsmen

Note: Mithali Raj (Ind) tops the ODI table with the most runs and highest average in ODI. The Cricsheet data does not have the earlier years in which she played. Hence you may see a much lower average for Mithali Raj



## # A tibble: 24 x 4
##    batsman          matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>              <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 AE Satterthwaite      32     61.5   81.2
##  2 MM Lanning            47     49.5   85.0
##  3 TT Beaumont           35     45.8   68.5
##  4 EA Perry              42     45.7   74.3
##  5 SW Bates              42     44.0   70.9
##  6 NR Sciver             35     43.0   94.7
##  7 M Raj                 35     42.8   64.1
##  8 AC Jayangani          48     38.6   59.9
##  9 NE Bolton             32     36.5   60.5
## 10 T Chetty              34     33.1   70.3
## # … with 14 more rows

3b. Rank women ODI bowlers

Note: Jhulan Goswami tops the ODI bowlers with the most wickets. However the rank below is based on the available data in Cricsheet



## # A tibble: 19 x 4
##    bowler        matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>           <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 JL Jonassen        44           76   3.90
##  2 M Kapp             49           70   3.80
##  3 S Ismail           44           65   3.82
##  4 KH Brunt           42           62   3.57
##  5 EA Perry           43           58   4.44
##  6 A Shrubsole        41           58   4.07
##  7 J Goswami          33           58   3.59
##  8 S Luus             41           54   4.82
##  9 D van Niekerk      40           53   3.84
## 10 ML Schutt          35           48   4.46
## 11 A Khaka            33           47   4.08
## 12 JL Gunn            30           43   4.23
## 13 I Ranaweera        35           42   4.89
## 14 Sana Mir           32           41   4.29
## 15 LA Marsh           30           40   4.16
## 16 NR Sciver          36           37   4.64
## 17 NR Sciver          36           37   4.64
## 18 NR Sciver          36           37   4.64
## 19 NR Sciver          36           37   4.64

4a. Rank women T20 batsman



## # A tibble: 30 x 4
##    batsman       matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>           <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SR Taylor          39     33.1   96.7
##  2 MM Lanning         53     29.3  102. 
##  3 EJ Villani         32     28.2   94.8
##  4 D van Niekerk      41     27.3   88.2
##  5 SJ Taylor          46     26.7  100. 
##  6 SW Bates           35     26.1   99.8
##  7 AC Jayangani       41     25.5   94.7
##  8 Bismah Maroof      52     24.5   83.0
##  9 DJS Dottin         38     24    109. 
## 10 CM Edwards         44     23.7   94.1
## # … with 20 more rows

4b. Rank women T20 bowlers


## # A tibble: 20 x 4
##    bowler           matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>              <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 A Shrubsole           50           76   5.95
##  2 Nida Dar              50           59   5.99
##  3 KH Brunt              49           57   5.93
##  4 JL Jonassen           50           55   5.31
##  5 EA Perry              51           52   5.67
##  6 S Ismail              50           52   5.40
##  7 ML Schutt             39           50   6.17
##  8 D van Niekerk         39           47   5.45
##  9 D Hazell              35           44   4.95
## 10 NR Sciver             44           43   6.30
## 11 JL Gunn               30           41   6.14
## 12 A Mohammed            43           41   5.80
## 13 M Kapp                31           39   5.08
## 14 Asmavia Iqbal         33           36   6.39
## 15 Sana Mir              46           36   5.85
## 16 HASD Siriwardene      35           33   6.31
## 17 EA Osborne            30           31   5.62
## 18 S Luus                37           29   7.13
## 19 KDU Prabodhani        33           25   4.87
## 20 Bismah Maroof         35           22   6.49


While I have just shown how to use a small subset of functions, you can use the entire set of yorkr functions to analyze individual matches, head-2-head confrontation of two teams, performance of a teams against all other teams and finally performance of individual batsmen and bowlers in women’s ODI and T20 games.

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Revitalizing R package yorkr

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Peter Drucker

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. Peter Drucker

“Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Corollary: “Expenditure rises to meet income.” Parkinson’s law


“Operation successful!!!the Programmer Surgeon in me, thought to himself. What should have been a routine surgery, turned out to be a major operation in the end, which involved several grueling hours. The surgeon looked at the large chunks of programming logic in the operation tray, which had been surgically removed, as they had outlived their utility and had partly become dysfunctional. The surgeon glanced at the new, concise code logic which had replaced the earlier somewhat convoluted logic, with a smile of satisfaction,

To, those who tuned in late, I am referring to my R package yorkr which I had created in many years ago, in early 2016. The package had worked well for quite some time on data from Cricsheet. Cricsheet went into a hiatus in late 2017-2018, and came alive back in 2019. Unfortunately, a key function in the package, started to malfunction. The diagnosis was that the format of the YAML files had changed, in newer files, which resulted in the problem. I had got mails from users mentioning that yorkr was not converting the new YAML files. This was on my to do list for a long time, and a week or two back, I decided to “bite the bullet” and fix the issue. I hoped the fix would be trivial but it was anything but. Finally, I took the hard decision of re-designing the core of the yorkr package, which involved converting YAML files to RData (dataframes). Also, since it has been a while since I did R code, having done more of Python stuff in recent times, I had to jog my memory with my earlier 2 posts Essential R and R vs Python

I spent many hours, tweaking and fixing the new logic so that it worked on the older and new files. Finally, I am happy to say that the new code is much more compact and probably less error prone.

I also had to ensure that the converted files performed exactly on all the other yorkr functions. I ran all the my yorkr functions in my yorkr posts on ODI, Intl. T20 and IPL and made sure the results were identical. (Phew!!)

The changes will be available in CRAN in yorkr_0.0.8

Do take a look at my yorkr posts. All the functions work correctly. Do use help, as I have changed a few functions. I will have my posts reflect the correct usage, but some function or other may slip the cracks.

  1. One Day Internationals ODI-Part1ODI-Part2ODI-Part3ODI-Part4
  2. International T20s – T20-Part1,T20-Part2,T20-Part3,T20-Part4
  3. Indian Premier League IPL-Part1IPL-Part2,IPL-Part3IPL-Part4

While making the changes, I also touched up some functions and made them more user friendly (added additional arguments etc). But by and large, yorkr is still yorkr and is intact.It just sports some spanking, new YAML conversion logic.


  1. The code is available in Github yorkr
  2. This RMarkdown has been published at RPubs Revitalizing yorkr
  3. I have already converted the YAML files for ODI, Intl T20 and IPL. You can access and download the converted data from Github at yorkrData2020
install.packages("yorkr_0.0.8.tar.gz",repos = NULL, type="source")

Checkout my interactive Shiny apps GooglyPlus2021 (interactive plots ) and GooglyPlusPlus2021 (analysis in specific intervals) which can be used to analyze IPL players, teams and matches.

Below I rank batsmen and bowlers in ODIs, T20 and IPL based on the data from Cricsheet.

1a. Rank ODI Batsmen



## # A tibble: 151 x 4
##    batsman        matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>            <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 Babar Azam          52     50.2   87.2
##  2 SD Hope             51     48.7   71.0
##  3 V Kohli            207     48.4   79.4
##  4 HM Amla            159     46.6   82.4
##  5 DA Warner          114     46.1   88.0
##  6 AB de Villiers     190     45.5   94.5
##  7 JE Root            108     44.9   82.5
##  8 SR Tendulkar        96     43.9   77.1
##  9 IJL Trott           63     43.1   68.9
## 10 Q de Kock          106     42.0   82.7
## # … with 141 more rows

1b. Rank ODI Bowlers


## # A tibble: 265 x 4
##    bowler           matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>              <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SL Malinga           191          308   5.25
##  2 MG Johnson           142          238   4.73
##  3 Shakib Al Hasan      157          214   4.72
##  4 Shahid Afridi        166          213   4.69
##  5 JM Anderson          143          207   4.96
##  6 KMDN Kulasekara      161          190   4.94
##  7 SCJ Broad            115          189   5.31
##  8 DW Steyn             114          188   4.96
##  9 Mashrafe Mortaza     139          180   4.97
## 10 Saeed Ajmal          106          180   4.17
## # … with 255 more rows

2a. Rank T20 Batsmen


## # A tibble: 43 x 4
##    batsman          matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>              <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 V Kohli               61     39.0   132.
##  2 Mohammad Shahzad      52     31.8   123.
##  3 CH Gayle              50     31.1   124.
##  4 BB McCullum           69     30.7   126.
##  5 PR Stirling           66     29.6   116.
##  6 MJ Guptill            70     29.6   125.
##  7 DA Warner             75     29.1   128.
##  8 AD Hales              50     28.1   120.
##  9 TM Dilshan            78     26.7   105.
## 10 RG Sharma             72     26.4   120.
## # … with 33 more rows

2b. Rank T20 Bowlers



## # A tibble: 153 x 4
##    bowler          matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>             <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SL Malinga           78          115   7.39
##  2 Shahid Afridi        89           98   6.80
##  3 Saeed Ajmal          62           92   6.30
##  4 Umar Gul             56           87   7.40
##  5 KMDN Kulasekara      56           72   7.25
##  6 TG Southee           55           69   8.68
##  7 DJ Bravo             60           69   8.41
##  8 DW Steyn             47           69   7.00
##  9 Shakib Al Hasan      57           69   6.82
## 10 SCJ Broad            55           68   7.83
## # … with 143 more rows

3a. Rank IPL Batsmen


## # A tibble: 69 x 4
##    batsman        matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>            <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 DA Warner          130     37.9   128.
##  2 CH Gayle           125     36.2   134.
##  3 SE Marsh            67     35.9   120.
##  4 MEK Hussey          59     33.8   105.
##  5 KL Rahul            59     33.5   128.
##  6 V Kohli            175     31.6   119.
##  7 AM Rahane          116     30.7   108.
##  8 AB de Villiers     141     30.3   135.
##  9 F du Plessis        65     29.4   117.
## 10 S Dhawan           140     29.0   114.
## # … with 59 more rows

3a. Rank IPL Bowlers


## # A tibble: 143 x 4
##    bowler          matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>             <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SL Malinga          120          184   6.99
##  2 SP Narine           108          137   6.71
##  3 Harbhajan Singh     131          134   7.11
##  4 DJ Bravo             85          118   8.18
##  5 B Kumar              86          116   7.43
##  6 YS Chahal            82          102   7.85
##  7 R Ashwin             92           98   6.81
##  8 JJ Bumrah            76           91   7.47
##  9 PP Chawla            85           87   8.02
## 10 RA Jadeja            89           85   7.93
## # … with 133 more rows


Go ahead and give yorkr a spin once yorkr_0.0.8 is available in CRAN. I hope you have fun. Do get back to me if you have any issues.

I’ll be back. Watch this space!!

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Big Data-5: kNiFi-ing through cricket data with yorkpy

“The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.”

                              Sherlock Holmes in the Valley of fear by Arthur Conan Doyle

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

                              Jim Barksdale, former CEO Netscape 

In this post I use  Apache NiFi Dataflow Pipeline along with my Python package yorkpy to crunch through cricket data from Cricsheet. The Data Pipelne  flows all the way from the source  to target analytics output. Apache NiFi was created to automate the flow of data between systems.  NiFi dataflows enable the automated and managed flow of information between systems. This post automates the flow of data from Cricsheet, from where the zip file it is downloaded, unpacked, processed, transformed and finally T20 players are ranked.

While this is a straight forward example of what can be done, this pattern can be applied to real Big Data systems. For example hypothetically, we could consider that we get several parallel streams of  cricket data or for that matter any sports related data. There could be parallel Data flow pipelines that get the data from the sources. This would then be  followed by data transformation modules and finally a module for generating analytics. At the other end a UI based on AngularJS or ReactJS could display the results in a cool and awesome way.

Incidentally, the NiFi pipeline that I discuss in this post, is a simplistic example, and does not use the Big Data stack like HDFS, Hive, Spark etc. Nevertheless, the pattern used, has all the modules for a Big Data pipeline namely ingestion, unpacking, transformation and finally analytics. This NiF pipeline demonstrates the flow using the regular file system of Mac and my python based package yorkpy. The concepts mentioned could be used in a real Big Data scenario which has much fatter pipes of data coming. If  this was the case the NiFi pipeline would utilize  HDFS/Hive for storing the ingested data and Pyspark/Scala for the transformation and analytics and other related technologies.

A pictorial representation is given below

In the diagram above each of the vertical boxes could be any technology from the ever proliferating Big Data stack namely HDFS, Hive, Spark, Sqoop, Kafka, Impala and so on.  Such a dataflow automation could be created when any big sporting event happens, as long as the data generated large, and there is a need for dynamic and automated reporting. The UI could be based on AngularJS/ReactJS and could display analytical tables and charts.

This post demonstrates one such scenario in which IPL T20 data is downloaded from Cricsheet site, unpacked and stored in a specific directory. This dataflow automation is based on my yorkpy package. To know more about the yorkpy package  see Pitching yorkpy … short of good length to IPL – Part 1  and the associated parts. The zip file, from Cricsheet, contains individual IPL T20 matches in YAML format. The convertYaml2DataframeT20() function is used to convert the YAML files into Pandas dataframes before storing them as CSV files. After this done, the function rankIPLT20batting() function is used to perform the overall ranking of the T20 players. My yorkpy Python package has about ~ 50+ functions that perform various analytics on any T20 data for e.g it has the following classes of functions

  • analyze T20 matches
  • analyze performance of a T20 team in all matches against another T20 team
  • analyze performance of a T20 team against all other T20 teams
  • analyze performance of T20 batsman and bowlers
  • rank T20 batsmen and bowlers

The functions of yorkpy generate tables or charts. While this post demonstrates one scenario, we could use any of the yorkpy T20 functions, generate the output and display on a widget in the UI display, created with cool technologies like AngularJS/ReactJS,  possibly in near real time as data keeps coming in.,

To use yorkpy with NiFI the following packages have to be installed in your environment

-pip install yorkpy
-pip install pyyaml
-pip install pandas
-yum install python-devel (equivalent in Windows)
-pip install matplotlib
-pip install seaborn
-pip install sklearn
-pip install datetime

I have created a video of the NiFi Pipeline with the real dataflow fro source to the ranked IPL T20 batsmen. Take a look at RankingT20PlayersWithNiFiYorkpy

You can clone/fork the NiFi template from rankT20withNiFiYorkpy

The NiFi Data Flow Automation is shown below

1. Overall flow

The overall NiFi flow contains 2 Process Groups a) DownloadAnd Unpack. b) Convert and Rank IPL batsmen. While it appears that the Process Groups are disconnected, they are not. The first process group downloads the T20 zip file, unpacks the. zip file and saves the YAML files in a specific folder. The second process group monitors this folder and starts processing as soon the YAML files are available. It processes the YAML converting it into dataframes before storing it as CSV file. The next  processor then does the actual ranking of the batsmen before writing the output into IPLrank.txt

1.1 DownloadAndUnpack Process Group

This process group is shown below

1.1.1 GetT20Data

The GetT20Data Processor downloads the zip file given the URL

The ${T20data} variable points to the specific T20 format that needs to be downloaded. I have set this to This could be set any other data set. In fact we could have parallel data flows for different T20/ Sports data sets and generate

1.1.2 SaveUnpackedData

This processor stores the YAML files in a predetermined folder, so that the data can be picked up  by the 2nd Process Group for processing

1.2 ProcessAndRankT20Players Process Group

This is the second process group which converts the YAML files to pandas dataframes before storing them as. CSV files. The RankIPLPlayers will then read all the CSV files, stack them and then proceed to rank the IPL players. The Process Group is shown below

1.2.1 ListFile and FetchFile Processors

The left 2 Processors ListFile and FetchFile get all the YAML files from the folder and pass it to the next processor

1.2.2 convertYaml2DataFrame Processor

The convertYaml2DataFrame Processor uses the ExecuteStreamCommand which call a python script. The Python script invoked the yorkpy function convertYaml2Dataframe() as shown below

The ${convertYaml2Dataframe} variable points to the python file below which invoked the yorkpy function yka.convertYaml2PandasDataframeT20()

import as yka
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='convert')
parser.add_argument("yamlFile",help="YAML File")

This function takes as input $filename which comes from FetchFile processor which is a FlowFile. So I have added a concurrency of 8  to handle upto 8 Flowfiles at a time. The thumb rule as I read on the internet is 2x, 4x the number of cores of your system. Since I have an 8 core Mac, I could possibly have gone ~ 30 concurrent threads. Also the number of concurrent threads is less when the flow is run in a Oracle Box VirtualMachine. Box since a vCore < actual Core

The scheduling tab is as below

Here are the 8 concurrent Python threads on Mac at bottom right… (pretty cool!)

I have not fully tested how latency vs throughput slider changes, affects the performance.

1.2.3 MergeContent Processor

This processor’s only job is to trigger the rankIPLPlayers when all the FlowFiles have merged into 1 file.

1.2.4 RankT20Players

This processor is an ExecuteStreamCommand Processor that executes a Python script which invokes a yorkpy function rankIPLT20Batting()

import as yka

1.2.5 OutputRankofT20Player Processor

This processor writes the generated rank to an output file.

1.3 Final Ranking of IPL T20 players

The Nodejs based web server picks up this file and displays on the web page the final ranks (the code is based on a good youtube for reading from file)

2. Final thoughts

As I have mentioned above though the above NiFi Cricket Dataflow automation does not use the Hadoop ecosystem, the pattern used is valid and can be used with some customization in Big Data flows as parallel stream. I could have also done this on Oracle VirtualBox but I thought since the code is based on Python and Pandas there is no real advantage of running on the VirtualBox.  GIve the NiFi flow a shot. Have fun!!!

Also see
1.My book ‘Deep Learning from first Practical Machine Learning with R and Python – Part 5
Edition’ now on Amazon

2. Introducing QCSimulator: A 5-qubit quantum computing simulator in R
3.De-blurring revisited with Wiener filter using OpenCV
4. Practical Machine Learning with R and Python – Part 5
5. Natural language processing: What would Shakespeare say?
6.Getting started with Tensorflow, Keras in Python and R
7.Revisiting World Bank data analysis with WDI and gVisMotionChart

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Ranking T20 players in Intl T20, IPL, BBL and Natwest using yorkpy

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.
When someone beats a rug, the blows are not against the rug, but against the dust in it.
I lost my hat while gazing at the moon, and then I lost my mind.


After a long hiatus, I am back to my big, bad, blogging ways! In this post I rank T20 players from several different leagues namely

  • International T20
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) T20
  • Big Bash League (BBL) T20
  • Natwest Blast (NTB) T20

I have added 8 new functions to my Python Package yorkpy, which will perform the ranking for the above 4 T20 League formats. To know more about my Python package see Pitching yorkpy . short of good length to IPL – Part 1, and the related posts on yorkpy. The code can be easily extended to other leagues which have a the same ‘yaml’ format for the matches. I also fixed some issues which started to crop up, possibly because a few things have changed in the new data.

The new functions are

  1. rankIntlT20Batting()
  2. rankIntlT20Batting()
  3. rankIPLT20Batting()
  4. rankIPLT20Batting
  5. rankBBLT20Batting()
  6. rankBBLT20Batting()
  7. rankNTBT20Batting()
  8. rankNTBT20Batting()

The yorkpy package uses data from Cricsheet

You can clone/fork the code for yorkpy at yorkpy

You can download the PDF of the post from Rank T20

yorkpy can be installed with ‘pip install yorkpy

1. International T20

The steps to do before ranking for International T20 matches are 1. Download International T20 zip file from Cricsheet Intl T20 2. Unzip the file. This will create a folder with yaml files

import as yka

This above step will convert the yaml files into CSV files. Now do the ranking as below

1a. Ranking of International T20 batsmen

import as yka
##                      matches  runs_mean     SR_mean
## batsman                                            
## V Kohli                   58  38.672414  125.212402
## KS Williamson             42  32.595238  122.884631
## Mohammad Shahzad          52  31.942308  118.212288
## CH Gayle                  50  31.140000  111.869984
## BB McCullum               69  29.492754  117.011666
## MM Lanning                48  28.812500   98.582663
## SJ Taylor                 44  28.659091   98.684856
## MJ Guptill                68  28.573529  117.673702
## DA Warner                 71  28.507042  121.142746
## DPMD Jayawardene          53  27.584906  107.787092
## KC Sangakkara             54  26.407407  106.039838
## JP Duminy                 68  26.294118  114.606717
## TM Dilshan                78  26.243590   97.910384
## RG Sharma                 65  25.907692  113.056548
## H Masakadza               53  25.566038   99.453880

1b. Ranking of International T20 bowlers

import as yka
##                       matches  wicket_mean  econrate_mean
## bowler                                                   
## Umar Gul                   58     1.603448       7.637931
## SL Malinga                 78     1.500000       7.409188
## Saeed Ajmal                63     1.492063       6.451058
## DW Steyn                   46     1.478261       7.014855
## A Shrubsole                45     1.422222       6.294444
## M Morkel                   41     1.292683       7.680894
## KMDN Kulasekara            57     1.280702       7.476608
## TG Southee                 51     1.274510       8.759804
## SCJ Broad                  53     1.264151            inf
## Shakib Al Hasan            58     1.241379       6.836207
## R Ashwin                   44     1.204545       7.162879
## Nida Dar                   44     1.204545       6.083333
## KH Brunt                   44     1.204545       5.982955
## KD Mills                   42     1.166667       8.289683
## SR Watson                  46     1.152174       8.246377

2. Indian Premier League (IPL) T20

The steps to do before ranking for IPL T20 matches are 1. Download IPL T20 zip file from Cricsheet IPL T20 2. Unzip the file. This will create a folder with yaml files

import as yka

This above step will convert the yaml files into CSV files in the /ipldata folder. Now do the ranking as below

2a. Ranking of batsmen in IPL T20

import as yka
##                    matches  runs_mean     SR_mean
## batsman                                          
## DA Warner              129  37.589147  119.917864
## CH Gayle               123  36.723577  125.256818
## SE Marsh                70  36.314286  114.707578
## KL Rahul                59  33.542373  123.424971
## MEK Hussey              60  33.400000  100.439187
## V Kohli                174  32.413793  115.830849
## KS Williamson           42  31.690476  120.443172
## AB de Villiers         143  30.923077  128.967081
## JC Buttler              45  30.800000  132.561154
## AM Rahane              118  30.330508  102.240398
## SR Tendulkar            79  29.949367  101.651959
## F du Plessis            65  29.415385  112.462114
## Q de Kock               51  29.333333  110.973836
## SS Iyer                 47  29.170213  102.144222
## G Gambhir              155  28.741935  103.997558

2b. Ranking of bowlers in IPL T20

import as yka
##                      matches  wicket_mean  econrate_mean
## bowler                                                  
## SL Malinga               122     1.540984       7.173361
## Imran Tahir               43     1.465116       8.155039
## A Nehra                   88     1.375000       7.923295
## MJ McClenaghan            56     1.339286       8.638393
## Rashid Khan               46     1.304348       6.543478
## Sandeep Sharma            79     1.303797       7.860759
## MM Patel                  63     1.301587       7.530423
## DJ Bravo                 131     1.282443       8.458333
## M Morkel                  70     1.257143       7.760714
## SP Narine                109     1.256881       6.747706
## YS Chahal                 83     1.228916       8.103659
## R Vinay Kumar            104     1.221154       8.556090
## RP Singh                  82     1.219512       8.149390
## CH Morris                 52     1.211538       7.854167
## B Kumar                  117     1.205128       7.536325

3. Natwest T20

The steps to do before ranking for Natwest T20 matches are 1. Download Natwest T20 zip file from Cricsheet NTB T20 2. Unzip the file. This will create a folder with yaml files

import as yka

This above step will convert the yaml files into CSV files in the /ntbdata folder. Now do the ranking as below

3a. Ranking of NTB batsmen

import as yka
##                      matches  runs_mean     SR_mean
## batsman                                            
## Babar Azam                13  44.461538  121.268809
## T Banton                  13  42.230769  139.376274
## JJ Roy                    12  41.250000  142.182147
## DJM Short                 12  40.250000  131.182294
## AN Petersen               12  37.916667  132.522727
## IR Bell                   13  37.615385  130.104721
## M Klinger                 26  35.346154  112.682922
## EJG Morgan                16  35.062500  129.817650
## AJ Finch                  19  34.578947  137.093465
## MH Wessels                26  33.884615  116.300969
## S Steel                   11  33.545455  140.118207
## DJ Bell-Drummond          21  33.142857  108.566309
## Ashar Zaidi               11  33.000000  178.553331
## DJ Malan                  26  33.000000  120.127202
## T Kohler-Cadmore          23  32.956522  112.493019

3b. Ranking of NTB bowlers

import as yka
##                        matches  wicket_mean  econrate_mean
## bowler                                                    
## MW Parkinson                11     2.000000       7.628788
## HF Gurney                   23     1.956522       8.831884
## GR Napier                   12     1.916667       8.694444
## R Rampaul                   19     1.736842       7.131579
## P Coughlin                  11     1.727273       8.909091
## AJ Tye                      26     1.692308       8.227564
## GC Viljoen                  12     1.666667       7.708333
## BAC Howell                  21     1.666667       6.857143
## BW Sanderson                12     1.583333       7.902778
## KJ Abbott                   14     1.571429       9.398810
## JE Taylor                   13     1.538462       9.839744
## JDS Neesham                 12     1.500000      10.812500
## MJ Potts                    12     1.500000       8.486111
## TT Bresnan                  21     1.476190       8.817460
## T van der Gugten            13     1.461538       7.211538

4. Big Bash Leagure (BBL) T20

The steps to do before ranking for BBL T20 matches are 1. Download BBL T20 zip file from Cricsheet BBL T20 2. Unzip the file. This will create a folder with yaml files

import as yka

This above step will convert the yaml files into CSV files in the /bbldata folder. Now do the ranking as below

4a. Ranking of BBL batsmen

import as yka
##                 matches  runs_mean     SR_mean
## batsman                                       
## DJM Short            43  40.883721  118.773047
## SE Marsh             47  39.148936  113.616053
## AJ Finch             62  36.306452  120.271231
## AT Carey             37  34.945946  120.125341
## UT Khawaja           41  31.268293  107.355655
## CA Lynn              74  31.162162  121.746578
## MS Wade              46  30.782609  120.310081
## TM Head              45  30.000000  126.769564
## MEK Hussey           23  29.173913  109.492934
## BJ Hodge             29  29.000000  124.438040
## BR Dunk              39  28.230769  106.149913
## AD Hales             31  27.161290  117.678008
## BB McCullum          34  27.058824  115.486392
## GJ Bailey            57  27.000000  121.159220
## MR Marsh             47  26.510638  114.994909

4b. Ranking of BBL bowlers

import as yka
##                    matches  wicket_mean  econrate_mean
## bowler                                                
## Yasir Arafat            15     2.000000       7.587778
## CH Morris               15     1.733333       8.572222
## TK Curran               27     1.629630       8.716049
## TT Bresnan              13     1.615385       8.775641
## JR Hazlewood            18     1.555556       7.361111
## CJ McKay                15     1.533333       8.555556
## DR Sams                 36     1.527778       8.581019
## AC McDermott            14     1.500000       9.166667
## JP Faulkner             20     1.500000       8.345833
## SP Narine               12     1.500000       7.395833
## AJ Tye                  51     1.490196       8.101307
## M Kelly                 21     1.476190       8.908730
## SA Abbott               73     1.438356       8.737443
## B Laughlin              82     1.426829       8.332317
## SW Tait                 31     1.419355       8.895161


You should be able to now rank players in the above formats as new data is added to Cricsheet. yorkpy can also be used for other leagues which follow the Cricsheet format.

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