About Giga thoughts…

The Giga thoughts… blog  started in July 2010,  more out of curiosity in blogging. This blog is a random walk through the technology landscape. As Lao Tzu puts it “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”.

My blog currently, is now at 319 posts  (Index of posts) and counting…  The blog has served me in many ways – enabled me to keep track of technology developments,  helped me to record steps and procedures when trying out something new(which I could use for my own reference), and also as a way to share information with others,possibly igniting an interest in technology.

Giga thoughts covers diverse areas of technology ranging from Telecom, Cloud Computing, Android app development, Bluemix, Computer Vision with OpenCV, Statistical learning with R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cricket Analytics etc. I have recently been initiated into Quantum Computing, thanks to IBM’s Quantum Experience. The blog includes trends in technology, essays, my original ideas, tutorials and many of my own creative projects.

I have shared code for all work that I have done on a personal front.

The blog includes code in C, C++,  Java,  Perl, Powershell, VBA, R, Lisp, Octave,  Node.js, Python etc.

Packages: Memcached, OpenCV, Box2D, AndEngine, multi-mechanize, Android, Bluemix, HTA, Cloud Foundry, IBM’s Quantum Experience

More than 42 posts in this blog have been published in leading Technical journals like WSJ, Telecom Asia, Voice and Data, Telecoms Europe, The Hindu, IBM developerWorks etc (see Published posts)

I hope this blog  excites you besides sparking an interest in technology.  I have enjoyed the ride so far and look forward to more unexplored territory ahead.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. So please do add your comments.

I am a software professional with more than 34 years of experience writing code and designing complex systems in telecom and cloud. I am currently working at IBM as Cloud Architect in Global Center of Excellence at Bangalore, India. You can find more details about me at (Who am I?)

My profile on LinkedIn : Tinniam V Ganesh
Follow me on Twitter @tvganesh_85


Giga thoughts …

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