From developerWorks – What’s up, Watson? Using Watson QAAPI with Bluemix and NodeExpress


My post in IBM developer Works – What’s up, Watson? Using Watson QAAPI with Bluemix and NodeExpress

Create a Bluemix™ application that uses Watson’s Question and Answer API (QAAPI). IBM’s Watson is capable of understanding the nuances of the English language. Bluemix now includes eight services from Watson, including Concept Expansion, Language Identification, Machine Translation, and Question and Answer. For more information on Watson’s QAAPI and the many services that have been included in Bluemix, see Watson Services.

The current release of Bluemix Watson is a corpus of medical facts. Watson has been made to ingest medical documents in multiple formats (doc, pdf, html, text, and so on), and the user can pose medical questions to the Watson QAAPI.

This tutorial shows how to use the Watson Question and Answer API to make queries and get results of various types

n the application described in this tutorial, NodeExpress is used to create a web server and to post questions to Watson using REST APIs. Jade is used to format the results of Watson’s response.

For more details and the latest code please see my full article in IBM developerWorks What’s up, Watson? Using Watson QAAPI with Bluemix and NodeExpress

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