Beaten by sheer pace – Cricket analytics with yorkr

coverMy ebook “Beaten by sheer pace – Cricket analytics with yorkr’  has been published in Leanpub.  You can now download the book (hot off the press!)  for all formats to your favorite device (mobile, iPad, tablet, Kindle)  from the Leanpub  “Beaten by sheer pace!”. The book has been published in the following formats namely

  • PDF (for your computer)
  • EPUB (for iPad or tablets. Save the file cricketAnalyticsWithYorkr.epub to Google Drive/Dropbox and choose “Open in” iBooks for iPad)
  • MOBI (for Kindle. For this format, I suggest that you download & install SendToKindle for PC/Mac. You can then right click the downloaded and choose SendToKindle. You will need to login to your Kindle account)

From Leanpub
UntitledLeanpub uses a variable pricing model. I have priced the book attractively (I think!). You can choose a price between FREE (limited time offer!) to $4.99 . The link is “Beaten by sheer pace!

This format works with all type Kindle device, Kindle app, Android tablet, iPad.

Checkout my interactive Shiny apps GooglyPlus (plots & tables) and Googly (only plots) which can be used to analyze IPL players, teams and matches.

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