cricketr and yorkr books – Paperback now in Amazon

My books
– Cricket Analytics with cricketr
– Beaten by sheer pace!: Cricket analytics with yorkr
are now available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions

The cricketr and yorkr packages are written in R, and both are available in CRAN. The books contain details on how to use these R packages to analyze performance of cricketers.

cricketr is based on data from ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru, and can analyze Test, ODI and T20 batsmen & bowlers. yorkr is based on data from Cricsheet, and can analyze ODI, T20 and IPL. yorkr can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches and teams.

Cricket Analytics with cricketr
You can access the paperback at Cricket analytics with cricketr

Beaten by sheer pace! Cricket Analytics with yorkr
You can buy the paperback from Amazon at Beaten by sheer pace: Cricket analytics with yorkr

Order your copy today! Hope you have a great time reading!

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