My book “Deep Learning from first principles” now on Amazon

Note: The 2nd edition of this book is now available on Amazon

My 4th book(self-published), “Deep Learning from first principles – In vectorized Python, R and Octave” (557 pages), is now available on Amazon in both paperback ($18.99) and kindle ($9.99/Rs449). The book starts with the most primitive 2-layer Neural Network and works  its way to a generic L-layer Deep Learning Network, with all the bells and whistles.  The book includes detailed derivations and vectorized implementations in Python, R and Octave.  The code has been extensively  commented and has been included in the Appendix section.

Pick up your copy today!!!

My other books
1. Practical Machine Learning with R and Python
2. Beaten by sheer pace – Cricket analytics with yorkr
3. Cricket analytics with cricketr

More book, more cricket! 2nd edition of my books now on Amazon

a) Cricket analytics with cricketr
b) Beaten by sheer pace – Cricket analytics with yorkr
is now available on Amazon, both as Paperback and Kindle versions.

The Kindle versions are just $4.99 for both books. Pick up your copies today!!!

A) Cricket analytics with cricketr: Second Edition

Click hereCricket analytics with cricketr: Second Edition

B) Beaten by sheer pace: Cricket analytics with yorkr(2nd edition)

Click here Beaten by sheer pace! Cricket analytics with yorkr

Pick up your copies today!!!

Cricket analytics with cricketr in paperback and Kindle versions


My book “Cricket analytics with cricketr” is now available in paperback and Kindle versions. The paperback is available from Amazon (US, UK and Europe) for $ 48.99. The Kindle version can be downloaded from the Kindle store for $2.50 (Rs 169/-). Do pick your copy. It should be a good read for a Sunday afternoon.

This book of mine contains my posts based on my R package ‘cricketr’ now in CRAN. The package cricketr can analyze both batsmen and bowlers for all formats of the game Test, ODI and Twenty20. The package uses the data from ESPN Cricinfo. The analyses include runs frequency charts, performances of batsmen and bowlers in different grounds and against different teams, moving  average of  runs/wickets over the career, mean strike rate, mean economy rate and so on.

The book includes the following chapters based on my R package cricketr  There are 2 additional articles where I use Machine Learning with the package Octave.

Cricket Analytics with cricketr 11
1.1. Introducing cricketr! : An R package to analyze performances of cricketers 11
1.2. Taking cricketr for a spin – Part 1 49
1.2. cricketr digs the Ashes! 70
1.3. cricketr plays the ODIs! 99
1.4. cricketr adapts to the Twenty20 International! 141
1.5. Sixer – R package cricketr’s new Shiny avatar 170
2. Other cricket posts in R 180
2.1. Analyzing cricket’s batting legends – Through the mirage with R 180
2.2. Mirror, mirror … the best batsman of them all? 206
3. Appendix 220
Cricket analysis with Machine Learning using Octave 220
3.1. Informed choices through Machine Learning – Analyzing Kohli, Tendulkar and Dravid 221
3.2. Informed choices through Machine Learning-2 Pitting together Kumble, Kapil, Chandra 234
Further reading 248
Important Links 249

I do hope you have a great time reading it. Do pick up your copy. Feel free to get in touch with me with your comments and suggestions.  I have more interesting things lined up for the future.

Watch this space!

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