A short video tutorial on my R package cricketr

Take a look at my short video presentation my R package cricketr

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Important note: Do check out my other posts using cricketr at cricketr-posts

If you are passionate about cricket, and love analyzing cricket performances, then check out my racy book on cricket ‘Cricket analytics with cricketr and cricpy – Analytics harmony with R & Python’! This book discusses and shows how to use my R package ‘cricketr’ and my Python package ‘cricpy’ to analyze batsmen and bowlers in all formats of the game (Test, ODI and T20). The paperback is available on Amazon at $21.99 and  the kindle version at $9.99/Rs 449/-. A must read for any cricket lover! Check it out!!



Important note 1: The latest release of ‘cricketr’ now includes the ability to analyze performances of teams now!!  See Cricketr adds team analytics to its repertoire!!!

Important note 2 : Cricketr can now do a more fine-grained analysis of players, see Cricketr learns new tricks : Performs fine-grained analysis of players

Important note 3: Do check out the python avatar of cricketr, ‘cricpy’ in my post ‘Introducing cricpy:A python package to analyze performances of cricketers

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