My 2 video presentations on ‘Essential Python for Datascience’

Here, in this post I include 2 sessions on ‘Essential Python for Datascience’. These 2 presentations cover the most important features of the Python language with which you can hit the ground running in datascience. All  the related material for these sessions can be cloned/downloaded from Github at ‘EssentialPythonForDatascience

1. Essential Python for Datascience -1
In this  video presentation I cover basic data types like tuples,lists, dictionaries. How to get the type of a variable, subsetting and numpy arrays. Some basic operations on numpy arrays, slicing is also covered

2. Essential Python for Datascience -2
In the 2nd part I cover Pandas, pandas Series, dataframes, how to subset dataframes using iloc,loc, selection of specific columns, filtering dataframes by criteria etc. Other operations include group_by, apply,agg. Lastly I also touch upon matplotlib.

This is no means an exhaustive coverage of the multitude of features available in Python but can provide as a good starting point for those venturing into datascience with Python.

Good luck with Python!

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