GooglyPlusPlus2021 now with power play, middle and death over analysis

This latest edition of GooglyPlusPlus2021 now includes detailed analysis of teams, batsmen and bowlers in power play, middle and death overs. The T20 format is based on 3 phases as each side faces 20 overs.

Power play: Overs: 0 – 6 – No more than 2 players can be outside the 30 yard circle

Middle overs: Overs: 7- 16 – During these overs the batting side tries to consolidate their innings

Death overs: Overs: 16 -20 – During these 5 overs the batting side tries to accelerate the scoring rate, while the bowling side will try to restrict the batsmen against going for big hits

This is shown below

This latest update of GooglyPlusPlus2021 includes the following functions

a) Match tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOvers
  2. teamSRAcrossOvers
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOvers
  4. teamERAcrossOvers
  5. matchWormWickets

b) Head-to-head tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  2. teamSRAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  4. teamERAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  5. topRunsBatsmenAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  6. topSRBatsmenAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  7. topWicketsBowlersAcrossOversOppnAllMatches
  8. topERBowlerAcrossOverOppnAllMatches

c) Overall performance tab

  1. teamRunsAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  2. teamSRAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  3. teamWicketsAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  4. teamERAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  5. topRunsBatsmenAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  6. topSRBatsmenAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  7. topWicketsBowlersAcrossOversAllOppnAllMatches
  8. topERBowlerAcrossOverAllOppnAllMatches

Hence a total of 8 + 8 + 5 = 21 functions have been added. These functions can be utilized across all the 9 T20 formats that are supported in GooglyPlusPlus2021 namely

i) IPL ii) Intl. T20 (men) iii) Intl. T20 (women) iv) BBL v) NTB vi) PSL vii) CPL viii) SSM ix) WBB

Hence there are a total of 21 x 9 = 189 new possibilities to explore in GooglyPlusPlus2021

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is based on my R package yorkr and is based on data from Cricsheet. To know how to use GooglyPlusPlus see any of earlier posts GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!, GooglyPlusPlus2021 adds new bells and whistles!!, GooglyPlusPlus2021 enhanced with drill-down batsman, bowler analytics

Take GooglyPlusPlus for a spin here GooglyPlusPlus2021

You can clone/fork the code for the Shiny app from Github – gpp2021-9

Included below is a random selection of options from the 189 possibilities mentioned above. Feel free to try out for yourself

A) IPL – CSK vs KKR 2018-04-10

a) Team Runs in power play, middle and death overs

b) Team Strike rate in power play, middle and death overs

B) Intl. T20 (men) – India vs Afghanistan (2021-11-03)

a) Team wickets in power play, middle and death overs

b) Team Economy rate in power play, middle and death overs

C) Intl. T20 (women) Head-to-head : India vs Australia since 2018

a) Team Runs in all matches in power play, middle and death overs

D) PSL Head-to-head strike rate since 2019

a) Team vs team Strike rate : Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalanders since 2019 in power play, middle and death overs

E) Team overall performance in all matches against all opposition

a) BBL : Brisbane Heats : Team Wickets between 2015 – 2018 in power play, middle and death overs

F) Top Runs and Strike rate Batsman of Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2018

a) Top runs scorers for Mumbai Indians (MI) in power play, middle and death overs

b) Top strike rate for RCB in power play, middle and death overs

F) Intl. T20 (women) India vs England since 2018

a) Top wicket takers for England in power play, middle and death overs since 2018

b) Top wicket takers for India in power play, middle and death overs since 2018

G) Intl. T20 (men) All time best batsmen and bowlers for India

a) Most runs in power play, middle and death overs

b) Highest strike rate in power play, middle and death overs

H) Match worm wicket chart

In addition to the usual Match worm chart, I have also added a Match Wicket worm chart in the latest version

Note: You can zoom to the area where you would like to focus more

The option of looking at the Match worm chart (without wickets) also exists.

Go ahead take GooglyPlusPlus2021 for a test drive and check out how your favourite players perform in power play, middle and death overs. Click GooglyPlusPlus2021

You can fork/download the app code from Github at gpp2021-9

Hope you have fun with GooglyPlusPlus

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