GooglyPlusPlus2021: Restarting IPL 2021 as-it-happens!!!

The IPL 2021 extravaganza has restarted again, now in Dubai, and it was time for me to crank up good ol’ GooglyPlusPlus2021. As in my earlier post, GooglyPlus2021 with IPL 2021 as it happens, during the initial set of IPL 2021 games,, a command script will execute automatically every day, download the latest data files, unzip, sort, process and put them in appropriate directories so that GooglyPlusPlus can work its magic on the data, with my R package yorkr. You can do analysis of IPL 2021 matches, batsmen, bowlers, historical performance analysis of head-to-head clashes and performances of teams.

Note: Since the earlier instalment of IPL 2021, there are 2 key changes that have taken place in GooglyPlusPlus.


a) All charts are interactive. You can hover over charts, click, double-click to get more details. To see more details on how to use the interactive charts, see my post GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!

b) You can now analyse historical performances, compute team batting and bowling scorecards for specified periods. To know details see GooglyPlusPlus2021 adds new bells and whistles!

You can try out my app GooglyPlusPlus2021 by clicking GooglyPlusPlus2021

The code for my R package yorkr is available at Github at yorkr

You can clone/fork GooglyPlusPlus2021 from github at gpp2021-6

IPL 2021 is already underway.

Some key analysis and highlights of the 2 recently concluded IPL matches

  • CSK vs MI
  • KKR vs RCB

a) CSK vs MI (19 Sep 2021) – Batting Partnerships (CSK)

b) CSK vs MI (19 Sep 2021) – Bowling scorecard (MI)

c) CSK vs MI (19 Sep 2021) – Match worm chart

Even though MI had a much better start and were cruising along to a victory, they lost the plot around the 18.1 th over as seen below (hover on the chart)


d) KKR vs RCB ( 20 Sep 2021) – Bowling wicket match

This chart gives the wickets taken by the bowler and the total runs conceded

e) KKR vs RCB ( 20 Sep 2021) – Match worm chart

This was a no contest. RCB batting was pathetic and KKR blasted their way to victory as seen in this worm chart

Note: You can also do historical analysis of teams with GooglyPlusPlus2021

For the match to occur today PBKS vs RR (21 Sep 2021) we can perform head-to-head historical analysis. Here Kings XI Punjab has been chosen instead of Punjab Kings as that was its name.

f) Head-to-head (PBKS vs RR) today’s match 21 Sep 2021

For the Rajasthan Royals Sanjy Samson and Jos Buttler have the best performance from 2018 -2021 as seen below

For Punjab Kings KL Rahul and Chris Gayle are the leading scorers for the period 2018-2021

g) Current ranking of batsmen IPL 2021

h) Current ranking of bowlers IPL 2021

Also you analyse individual batsman and bowlers

i) Batsman analysis

To see Rituraj Gaikwad performance checkout the batsman tab

j) Bowler analysis

Performance of Varun Chakaravarty

Remember to check out GooglyPlusPlus2021 for your daily analysis of matches, teams, batsmen and bowlers. Your ride will be waiting for you!!!

You can clone/fork GooglyPlusPlus2021 from github at gpp2021-6

GooglyPlusPlus2021 has been updated with all completed 31 matches


Mumbai Indians-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-09Chennai Super Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-10
Kolkata Knight Riders-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-11Punjab Kings-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-12
Mumbai Indians-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-13Royal Challengers Bangalore-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-14
Delhi Capitals-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-15Punjab Kings-Chennai Super Kings-2021-04-16
Mumbai Indians-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-17Royal Challengers Bangalore-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-18
Punjab Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-18Chennai Super Kings-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-19
Mumbai Indians-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-20Punjab Kings-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-21
Chennai Super Kings-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-21Rajasthan Royals-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-22
Mumbai Indians-Punjab Kings-2021-04-23Kolkata Knight Riders-Rajasthan Royals-2021-04-24
Chennai Super Kings-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-25Delhi Capitals-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-04-25
Punjab Kings-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-04-26Royal Challengers Bangalore-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-27
Sunrisers Hyderabad-Chennai Super Kings-2021-04-28Rajasthan Royals-Mumbai Indians-2021-04-29
Kolkata Knight Riders-Delhi Capitals-2021-04-29Punjab Kings-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-04-30.RData
Chennai Super Kings-Mumbai Indians-2021-05-01Rajasthan Royals-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-05-02
Punjab Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-05-02Chennai Super Kings-Mumbai Indians-2021-09-19
Royal Challengers Bangalore-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-09-20Rajasthan Royals-Punjab Kings-2021-09-21
Sunrisers Hyderabad-Delhi Capitals-2021-09-22.RDataMumbai Indians-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-09-23.RData
Royal Challengers Bangalore-Chennai Super Kings-2021-09-24.RDataPunjab Kings-Sunrisers Hyderabad-2021-09-25
Delhi Capitals-Rajasthan Royals-2021-09-25.RDataRoyal Challengers Bangalore-Mumbai Indians-2021-09-26.RData
Kolkata Knight Riders-Chennai Super Kings-2021-09-26.RDataKolkata Knight Riders-Chennai Super Kings-2021-09-26.RData
Delhi Capitals-Kolkata Knight Riders-2021-09-28.RDataRajasthan Royals-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-09-29.RData
Sunrisers Hyderabad-Chennai Super Kings-2021-09-30.RDataKolkata Knight Riders-Punjab Kings-2021-10-01.RData
Chennai Super Kings-Rajasthan Royals-2021-10-02.RDataMumbai Indians-Delhi Capitals-2021-10-02.RData
Royal Challengers Bangalore-Punjab Kings-2021-10-03.RDataChennai Super Kings-Delhi Capitals-2021-10-04.RData
Rajasthan Royals-Mumbai Indians-2021-10-05.RDataSunrisers Hyderabad-Royal Challengers Bangalore-2021-10-06.RData

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