GooglyPlusPlus2021:ICC WC T20:Pavilion-view analytics as-it-happens!

This year 2021, we are witnessing a rare spectacle in the cricketing universe, where IPL playoffs are immediately followed by ICC World Cup T20. Cricket pundits have claimed such a phenomenon occurs once in 127 years! Jokes apart, the World cup T20 is underway and as usual GooglyPlusPlus is ready for the action.

GooglyPlusPlus will provide near-real time analytics, by automatically downloading the latest match data daily, processing and organising the match data into appropriate folders so that my R package yorkr can slice and dice the data to provide the pavilion-view analytics.

The charts capture all the breathless, heart-pounding, and nail-biting action in great details in the many tables and plots. Every table and chart tell a story. You just have to ‘read between the lines!’

GooglyPlusPlus2021 will update itself automatically every day, so the data will be current and you can analyse all matches upto the previous day, along with the historical performances of the teams. So make sure you check it everyday.


  1. All charts are interactive. To know how to use the interactive charts see my post GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!
  2. The are 5 tabs for each of the formats supported by GooglyPlusPlus2021 which now supports IPL, Intl. T20(men), Intl. T20(women), BBL, NTB, PSL, CPL, SSM, WBB. Besides, it also supports ODI (men) and ODI (women)
  3. Each of the formats have 5 tabs – Batsman, Bowler, Match, Head-to-head and Overall Performace.
  4. All T20 formats also include a ranking functionality for the batsmen and bowlers
  5. You can now perform drill-down analytics for batsmen, bowlers, head-to-head and overall performance based on date-range selector functionality. The ranking tabs also include date range selector granular analysis. For more details see GooglyPlusPlus2021 enhanced with drill-down batsman, bowler analytics

Try out GooglyPlusPlus2021 here GooglyPlusPlus2021!!

You can clone fork the code from Github gpp2021-8

I am including some random screenshots of things that can be done with GooglyPlusPlus2021

A. Papua New Guinea vs Oman (2021-10-17)

a. Batting partnership

B. Match worm chart (New Papua Guinea v Oman)

This was a no contest as Oman cruised to victory

C. Scotland vs Bangladesh (2021-10-17)

a. Scorland upset Bangladesh

b. March worm chart (Scotland vs Bangladesh)

Fortunes see-sawed one way, then another, as can be seen in the match worm chart

C. Netherlands vs Ireland (2021-10-18)

a. Batman vs Bowler

D. Historical performance head-to-head

a. Sri Lanka vs West Indies (2019-2021) – Batting partnerships

b. India vs England (2018 – 2021) – Bowling scorecard

c) Australia vs South Africa – Team wicket opposition

E) Overall performance

a. Pakistan batting scorecard since 2019

a. Win loss of Australia since 2019

F) Batsman Performance

a. PR Stirling’s runs against opposition since 2019

b. KJ Brien’s cumulative average runs since 2019

G. Bowler performance

a. PWH De Silva’s wicket prediction since 2019

b. T Shamsi’s cumulative average wickets since 2019

H. Ranking Intl. T20 batsman since 2019

a. Runs over Strike rate

b. Strike rate over runs

I. Ranking bowlers since 2019

a. Wickets over Economy rate

b. Economy rate over wickets

As mentioned above GooglyPlusPlus2021 will be updated daily automatically, so you won’t miss any analytic action.

Do give GooglyPlusPlus2021 a spin!

Clone/fork the code for the Shiny app from Github gpp2021-8

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 enhanced with drill-down batsman, bowler analytics

This latest update to GooglyPlusPlus2021 includes the following changes

a) All the functions in the ‘Batsman’ and ‘Bowler ‘tabs now include a date range, which allows you specify a period of interest.

b) The ‘Rank Batsman’ and ‘Rank Bowler’ tabs also include a date range selector, against the earlier version which had a ‘Since year’ slider see GooglyPlusPlus2021 bubbles up top T20 players in all formats!. The earlier ‘Since year’ slider option could only rank for the latest year or for all years up to the current year. Now with the new ‘date range’ picker we can check the batsman and bowler ranks in any IPL season or (any T20 format) or for a range of years.

c) Note: The Head-to-head and Overall performance tabs already include a date range selector.

There are 10 batsman functions and 9 bowler function that have changed for the following T20 and ODI formats and Rank batsman and bowler includes the ‘date range’ and has changed for all T20 formats.

GooglyPlusPlus2021 supports all the following T20 formats

i) IPL ii) Intl T20(men) iii) Intl T20(women) iv) BBL v) NTB vi) PSL vii) WBB viii) CPL ix) SSM T20 formats – ( 9 T20 panels)

i) ODI (men) ii) ODI (women) – 2 ODI panels

i.e. the changes impact (10 + 9) x 11 + (1 + 1 ) x 9 = 227 tabs which have been changed

The addition of date range enables a fine-grained analysis of players as the players progress through the years.

Note: All charts are interactive. To see how to use interactive charts of GooglyPlusPlus2021 see

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is based on my R package yorkr. The data is take from Cricsheet

You can clone/fork this latest version of GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github at gpp2021-7

Check out the Shiny app here GooglyPlusPlus2021!!!

I have included some random screen shots of some of using these tabs and options in GooglyPlusPlus2021.

A) KL Rahul’s Cumulative average in IPL 2021 vs IPL 2020

a) KL Rahul in IPL 2021

b) KL Rahul in IPL 2020

B) Performance of Babar Azam in Intl. T20 (men)

a) Babar Azam’s cumulative average from 2019

b) Babar Azam’s Runs against opposition since 2019

Note: Intl. T20 (women) data available upto Mar 2020 from Cricsheet

a) A J Healy performance between 2010 – 2015

b) A J Healy performance between 2015 – 2020

D) M S Dhoni’s performance with the bat pre-2020 and post 2020

There has been a significant decline in Dhoni’s performance in the last couple of years

I) Dhoni’s performance from Jan 2010 to Dec 2019

a) Moving average at 25+ (Dhoni before)

The moving average actually moves up…

b) Cumulative average at 25+ (Dhoni before)

c) Cumulative Strike rate 140+ (Dhoni before)

d) Dhoni’s moving average is ~10-12 (post 2020)

e) Dhoni’s cumulative average (post 2020)

f) Dhoni’s strike rate ~80 (post 2020)

E) Bumrah’s performance in IPL

a) Bumrah’s performance in IPL 2020

b) Bumrah’s performance in IPL 2021

F) Moving average wickets for A. Shrubsole in ODI (women)

G) Chris Jordan’s cumulative economy rate

We can see that Jordan has become more expensive over the years

G) Ranking players

In this latest version the ‘Since year slider’ has been replaced with a Date Range selector. With this we can identify the player ranks in any IPL, CPL, PSL or BBL season. We can also check the performance over the last couple of years. Note: The matches played and Runs over Strike rate or Strike rate over runs can be computed. Similarly for bowlers we have Wickets over Economy rate and Economy rate over wickets options.

a) Ranking IPL batsman in IPL season 2020

b) Ranking Intl. T20 (batsmen) from Jan 2019 to Jul 2021

c) Ranking Intl. T20 bowlers (women) from Jan 2019 – Jul 2021

d) Best IPL bowlers over the last 3 seasons (Wickets over Economy rate)

e) Best IPL bowlers over the last 3 seasons (Economy rate over wickets)

You can clone/download this latest version of GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github at gpp2021-7

Take GooglyPlusPlus2021 for a spin!!

Hope you have fun checking out the different tabs with the different options!!

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive!!!

GooglyPlusPlus2021 is now fully interactive. Please read the below post carefully to see the different ways you can interact with the data in the plots.

There are 2 main updates in this latest version of GooglyPlusPlus2021

a) GooglyPlusPlus gets all ‘touchy, feely‘ with the data and now you can interact with the plot/chart to get more details of the underlying data. There are many ways you can slice’n dice the data in the charts. The examples below illustrate a few of this. You can interact with plots by hover’ing, ‘click’ing and ‘double-click’ing curves, plots, barplots to get details of the data.

b) GooglyPlusPlus also includes the ‘Super Smash T20’ league from New Zealand. You can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches, teams and rank Super Smash (SSM) also

Note: GooglyPlusPlus2021 can handle a total of 11 formats including T20 and ODI. They are

i) IPL ii) Intl. T20(men) ii) Intl. T20(women) iv) BBL

v) NTB vi) PSL vii) WBB. viii) CPL

ix) SSM x) ODI (men) xi) ODI (women)

Each of these formats have 7 tabs which are

— Analyze batsman

— Analyze bowlers

— Analyze match

— Head-to-head

— Team vs all other teams

— Rank batsmen

— Rank bowlers

Within these 11 x 7 = 77 tabs you can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches, head-to-head, team vs all other teams and rank players for T20 and ODI. In addition all plots have been made interactive so there is a lot more information that you can get from these charts

Try out the interactive GooglyPlusPlus2021 now!!!

You can fork/clone the Shiny app from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

Below I have randomly included some charts for different formats to show how you can interact with them

a) Batsman Analysis – Runs vs Deliveries (IPL)


The plot below gives the number of runs scored by David Warner vs Deliveries faced.

b) Batsman Analysis – Runs vs Deliveries (IPL) (prediction)

Since a 2nd order regression line,with confidence intervals(shaded area), has been fitted in the above plot, we can predict the runs given the ‘balls faced’ as below

Click ‘Toggle Spike lines’ (use palette on top-right)

By using hover(mouse-over) on the curve we can determine the predicted number of runs Warner will score given a certain number of deliveries

c) Bowler Analysis – Wickets against opposition – Intl. T20 (women)

Jhulan Goswami’s wickets against opposition countries in Intl. T20 (women)

d) Bowler Analysis (Predict bowler wickets) IPL – (non-interactive**)

Note: Some plots are non-interactive, like the one below which predicts the number of wickets Bumrah will take based on number of deliveries bowled

e) Match Analysis – Batsmen Partnership -Intl. T20 (men)

India vs England batting partnership between Virat Kohli & Shikhar Dhawan in all matches between England and India

f) Match Analysis – Worm chart (Super Smash T20) SSM

i) Worm chart of Auckland vs Northern Districts (29 Jan 2021).

ii) The final cross-over happens around the 2nd delivery of the 19th over (18.2) as Northern Districts over-takes Auckland to win the match.

g) Head-to-head – Team batsmen vs bowlers (Bangladesh batsmen against Afghanistan bowlers) Intl. T20 (men)

Batting performance of Shakib-al-Hasan (Bangladesh) against Afghanistan bowlers in Intl. T20 (men)

h) Head-to-head – Team batsmen vs bowlers (Bangladesh batsmen against Afghanistan bowlers) Intl. T20 (men)Filter

Double click on Shakib-al-Hasan on the legend to get the performance of Shakib-al-Hasan against Afghanistan bowlers

Avoiding the clutter

i) Head-to-head – Team bowler vs batsmen (Chennai Super Kings bowlers vs Mumbai Indians batsmen) – IPL

If you choose the above option the resulting plot is very crowded as shown below

To get the performance of Mumbai Indian (MI) batsmen (Rohit Sharma & Kieron Pollard) against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bowlers in all matches do as told below

Steps to avoid clutter in stacked bar plots

1) This can be avoided by selectively choosing to filter out the batsmen we are interested in. say RG Sharma and Kieron Pollard. Then double-ciick RG Sharma, this is will bring up the chart with only RG Sharma as below

2) Now add additional batsmen you are interested in by single-clicking. In the example below Kieron Pollard is added

You can continue to add additional players that you are interested by single clicking.

j) Head-to-head (Performance of Indian batsmen vs Australian bowlers)- ODI

In the plot V Kohli, MS Dhoni and SC Ganguly have been selected for their performance against Australian bowlers (use toggle spike lines)

k) Overall Performance – PSL batting partnership against all teams (Fakhar Zaman)

The plot below shows Fakhar Zaman (Lahore Qalanders) partnerships with other teammates in all matches in PSL.

l) Win-loss against all teams (CPL)

Win-loss chart of Jamaica Talawallahs (CPL) in all matches against all opposition

m) Team batting partnerships against all teams for India (ODI Women)

Batting partnerships of Indian ODI women against all other teams

n) Ranking of batsmen (IPL 2021)

Finally here is the latest ranking of IPL batsmen for IPL 2021 (can be done for all other T20 formats)

o) Ranking of bowlers (IPL 2021)

Clone/download the Shiny app from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out GooglyPlusPlus2021!

Knock yourself out!

Enjoy enjaami!!!

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GooglyPlusPlus2021 interactively ranks T20 batsmen and bowlers!!!

Every time I think that I have my R packages or Shiny apps all wrapped up, I find another idea trots up and knocks at my door. Since I intend to keep GooglyPlusPlus current with the latest data, I decided to include the ranking functions in my Shiny app GooglyPlusPlus.

Fortunately, since GooglyPlusPlus is based on my R package ‘yorkr‘ (see Introducing cricket package yorkr: Beaten by sheer pace!), I could make the necessary changes to the ranking functions in the package, so that it could be incorporated into my latest Shiny app GooglyPlusPlus2021!! To know how to use GooglyPlusPlus see my post Introducing GooglyPlusPlus

Note: GooglyPlusPlus can analyze batsmen, bowlers, matches and teams.

Take GooglyPlusPlus2021 for a test drive!!!

You can clone/fork GooglyPlusPlus2021 from Github

Here are a few scenarios from GooglyPlusPlus2021

A) Ranking batsmen

Ranking IPL batsmen (minMatches = 80) – The following table shows the ranking of IPL players who have played 80 matches or more

B) Identifying batsmen of potential and promise

Ranking IPL batsmen (minMatches =70) –  If we reduce the minimum number of matches played to 70, then we see it pushes up KL Rahul above Kohli.

Ranking IPL batsmen (minMatches =60) – When the slider is moved to 60, we see that Rishabh Pant has a better mean average and mean strike rate and is also ranked above Kohli. We can identify promising players this way. However, it is also likely that some players may be just a bright flash in the pan

C) Ranking T20 bowlers (men)

D) Ranking NTB Batsmen

GooglyPlusPlus2021 can rank all T20 formats (IPL, BBL, Intl. T20 (men), Intl. T20 (women), NTB, PSL and WBB. Do give it a try!

Also remember that GooglyPlusPlus2021 includes close to 100+ functions which enable it to perform analysis of batsmen, bowlers, T20 matches, head-to-head confrontation of T20 teams and overall performance of T20 teams . To know more about GooglyPlusPlus2021 see Introducing GooglyPlusPlus

You can download the code for this app from Github at GooglyPlusPlus2021

Do give GooglyPlusPlus2021 a spin!!

I do have some other ideas also which I will be incorporating  into GooglyPlusPlus2021.

Watch this space!!

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GooglyPlusPlus 2020!!

I have updated my GooglyPlusPlus Shiny app with data from latest IPL 2020. GooglyPlusPlus  2020 is also based on my R package yorkr.  To know more about yorkr (see Revitalizing R package yorkr.) Now you should be able to analyze IPL matches, teams, players upto IPL 2020. Note: My latest GooglyPlusPlus 2020 can analyze all formats of T20 matches. yorkr uses data from Cricsheet

There are 5 tabs in each of the T20 formats

i) Analyze T20 batsmen ii) Analyze T20 bowlers. iii) Analyze T20 match iv) Analyze T20 team

vs another T20 team v) Analyze overall performance of T20 against all other teams

I plan to update GooglyPlusPlus  at least twice a year  to keep it abreast of all the latest data of all T20 formats

In GooglyPlusPlus 2020 you can check out IPL data upto 2020, besides other T20 formats like BBL, PSL, NTB, WBBL, Intl. T20 etc.

Try out GooglyPlusPlus 2020 Shiny app!!

You can clone/fork the code from Github GooglyPlusPlus2020

Important note: My earlier app GooglyPlusPlus handled all T20 formats including ODI (men and women). Due to an issue with Shiny, I could not include ODI matches in GooglyPlusPlus 2020

Here are some snapshots from GooglyPlusPlus 2020

A. Batting – Runs vs Deliveries (Shreyas Iyer)



B. Batting – Cumulative Batting Average (Shubman Gill)


C. Bowling – Mean Economy Rate (T. Natarajan)


D. Bowling -Bowler’s wickets against opposition (N A Saini)

E. Match scorecard – CSK vs DC 2020-10-17

The scorecards batting and bowling are computed on the fly for all T20 matches


F. Match – Batsmen vs Bowlers (DD vs KKR 2015-04-20)


G. Head-to-head: MI vs  KXIP all matches – Batting scorecard

H. Overall team performance- Team Bowler Wicket kind: Rajasthan Royals

Clone/fork the code from Github GooglyPlusPlus2020

Do take GooglyPlusPlus 2020 for a drive! While I have highlighted only IPL T20, because I have updated with the latest data, GooglyPlusPlus 2020 can also handle other T20 formats like BBL, Natwest, PSL, Intl. T20 (men &women) and WBB


Hope you have fun!

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It’s a wrap! yorkr wraps up BBL, NTB, PSL and WBB!!!

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

“How many people here have telekenetic powers? Raise my hand.” – Emo Philips

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” – George Carlin


It’s a wrap!!! In my previous posts,Revitalizing yorkr, I showed how you can use yorkr functions for Intl. ODI, Intl. T20 and IPL. My next post yorkr rocks women’s ODI and women’s Intl T20 yorkr handled women’s ODI and Intl. T20. In this post, yorkr wraps the remaining T20 formats namely

  1. Big Bash League (BBL)
  2. Natwest Super T20 (NTB)
  3. Pakistan Super League (PSL)
  4. Women’s Big Bash League (WBB)

The data for all the above T20 formats are taken from Cricsheet.

-All the data has been converted and is available in Github at yorkrData2020 organized as below. You can use any of the 90+ yorkr functions on the converted data.

Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 12.32.07 PM

-This post has been published at RPubs at yorkrWrapUpT20formats

-You can download a PDF version of this file at yorkrWrapsUpT20Formats

  • For ODI Matches men’s and women’ use
  1. ODI-Part1, 2. ODI-Part2,3. ODI-Part3, 4.ODI-Part 4
  • For any of the T20s formats you can use the following posts
  1. T20-Part1, 2. T20-Part2, 3. T20-Part3, 4. T20-Part4

or you can use these templates Intl. T20, or similar to IPL T20

I am going to randomly pick 2 yorkr functions for each of the T20 formats BBL, NTB, PSL and WBB to demonstrate yorkr below, however you can use any of the 90+ yorkr functions

install.packages("../../../yorkrgit/yorkr_0.0.9.tar.gz",repos = NULL, type="source")

Note: In the following T20 formats I have randomly picked 2 of the 90+ yorkr functions

A. Big Bash League (BBL)

A1.Batting Scorecard

load("../../../yorkrData2020/bbl/bblMatches/Adelaide Strikers-Brisbane Heat-2017-12-31.RData")
as_bh <- overs
teamBattingScorecardMatch(as_bh,'Adelaide Strikers')
## Total= 139
## # A tibble: 9 x 5
##   batsman      ballsPlayed fours sixes  runs
##   <chr>              <int> <dbl> <dbl> <dbl>
## 1 AT Carey               6     0     0     2
## 2 CA Ingram             21     2     0    23
## 3 J Weatherald          14     2     1    20
## 4 JS Lehmann            17     3     0    22
## 5 JW Wells              13     1     0    12
## 6 MG Neser              25     3     2    40
## 7 PM Siddle              1     0     0     1
## 8 Rashid Khan            2     0     1     6
## 9 TM Head               17     0     0    13

A2.Batting Partnership

load("../../../yorkrData2020/bbl/bblMatches2Teams/Melbourne Renegades-Sydney Sixers-allMatches.RData")
mr_ss_matches <- matches
m <-teamBatsmenPartnershiOppnAllMatches(mr_ss_matches,'Sydney Sixers',report="summary")
## # A tibble: 28 x 2
##    batsman      totalRuns
##    <chr>            <dbl>
##  1 MC Henriques       277
##  2 JR Philippe        186
##  3 NJ Maddinson       183
##  4 MJ Lumb            165
##  5 DP Hughes          158
##  6 JC Silk            141
##  7 SPD Smith          116
##  8 JM Vince            97
##  9 TK Curran           68
## 10 J Botha             33
## # … with 18 more rows

B. Natwest Super League

B1.Team Match Partnership

db_nt <-overs

B2.Batsmen vs Bowlers

load("../../../yorkrData2020/ntb/ntbMatches2Teams/Birmingham Bears-Leicestershire-allMatches.RData")
bb_le_matches <- matches
teamBatsmenVsBowlersOppnAllMatches(bb_le_matches,"Birmingham Bears","Leicestershire",top=3)

C. Pakistan Super League (PSL)

C1.Individual performance of Babar Azam


babar <- getBatsmanDetails(team="Karachi Kings",name="Babar Azam",dir="../../../yorkrData2020/psl/pslBattingBowlingDetails/")
## [1] "../../../yorkrData2020/psl/pslBattingBowlingDetails//Karachi Kings-BattingDetails.RData"
## [1] 40 15
p1 <-batsmanRunsVsStrikeRate(babar,"Babar Azam")
p2 <-batsmanMovingAverage(babar,"Babar Azam")
p3 <- batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns(babar,"Babar Azam")
grid.arrange(p1,p2,p3, ncol=2)

C2.Bowling performance against all oppositions

load("../../../yorkrData2020/psl/pslMatches2Teams/Lahore Qalandars-Multan Sultans-allMatches.RData")
lq_ms_matches <- matches
teamBowlingPerfOppnAllMatches(lq_ms_matches,"Lahore Qalanders","Multan Sultans")
## # A tibble: 40 x 5
##    bowler              overs maidens  runs wickets
##    <chr>               <int>   <int> <dbl>   <dbl>
##  1 Shaheen Shah Afridi    11       1   134      11
##  2 Junaid Khan             5       0   154       8
##  3 Imran Tahir             5       0    74       6
##  4 Mohammad Ilyas          5       0    93       4
##  5 Haris Rauf              7       0   154       3
##  6 D Wiese                 7       0    92       3
##  7 Mohammad Irfan          5       0    91       3
##  8 S Lamichhane            5       0    74       3
##  9 SP Narine               8       0    48       3
## 10 MM Ali                  3       0    30       3
## # … with 30 more rows

D. Women Big Bash League

D1.Bowling scorecard

load("../../../yorkrData2020/wbb/wbbMatches/Hobart Hurricanes-Brisbane Heat-2018-12-30.RData")
hh_bh_match <- overs
teamBowlingScorecardMatch(hh_bh_match,'Brisbane Heat')
## # A tibble: 6 x 5
##   bowler      overs maidens  runs wickets
##   <chr>       <int>   <int> <dbl>   <dbl>
## 1 DM Kimmince     3       0    31       2
## 2 GM Harris       4       0    23       3
## 3 H Birkett       1       0     7       0
## 4 JL Barsby       3       0    21       0
## 5 JL Jonassen     4       0    33       0
## 6 SJ Johnson      4       0    17       0

D2.Team batsmen partnerships

load("../../../yorkrData2020/wbb/wbbAllMatchesAllTeams/allMatchesAllOpposition-Perth Scorchers.RData")
ps_matches <- matches
teamBatsmenPartnershipAllOppnAllMatchesPlot(ps_matches,"Perth Scorchers",main="Perth Scorchers")

As mentioned above, I have randomly picked 2 yorkr functions for each of the T20 formats. You can use any of the 90+ functions for analysis of matches, teams, batsmen and bowlers.

1a. Ranking Big Bash League (BBL) batsman

## # A tibble: 62 x 4
##    batsman      matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>          <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 DJM Short         44     41.6   126.
##  2 SE Marsh          48     39.1   120.
##  3 AJ Finch          60     36.0   130.
##  4 AT Carey          36     35.9   129.
##  5 KP Pietersen      31     33.5   118.
##  6 UT Khawaja        40     31.5   112.
##  7 BJ Hodge          38     31.5   127.
##  8 CA Lynn           72     31.3   128.
##  9 MP Stoinis        53     30.7   112.
## 10 TM Head           45     30     131.
## # … with 52 more rows

1b. Ranking Big Bash League (BBL) bowlers

## # A tibble: 53 x 4
##    bowler         matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>            <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SA Abbott           60           90   8.42
##  2 AJ Tye              45           69   7.32
##  3 B Laughlin          48           66   7.96
##  4 BCJ Cutting         71           63   8.87
##  5 BJ Dwarshuis        54           62   7.87
##  6 MG Neser            54           57   8.36
##  7 Rashid Khan         40           55   6.32
##  8 JP Behrendorff      41           53   6.55
##  9 SNJ O'Keefe         53           52   6.76
## 10 A Zampa             42           51   7.34
## # … with 43 more rows

2a. Ranking Natwest T20 League (NTB) batsman


## # A tibble: 42 x 4
##    batsman          matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>              <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 SR Hain               24     34.6   107.
##  2 M Klinger             26     34.1   118.
##  3 MH Wessels            26     33.9   122.
##  4 DJ Bell-Drummond      21     33.1   112.
##  5 DJ Malan              26     33     129.
##  6 T Kohler-Cadmore      23     33.0   118.
##  7 A Lyth                22     31.4   150.
##  8 JJ Cobb               26     30.7   110.
##  9 CA Ingram             25     30.5   153.
## 10 IA Cockbain           26     29.8   121.
## # … with 32 more rows

2b. Ranking Natwest T20 League (NTB) bowlers


## # A tibble: 23 x 4
##    bowler          matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>             <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 HF Gurney            23           45   8.63
##  2 AJ Tye               26           40   7.81
##  3 TS Roland-Jones      26           37   8.10
##  4 BAC Howell           20           35   6.89
##  5 TT Bresnan           21           31   8.82
##  6 MJJ Critchley        25           31   7.33
##  7 LA Dawson            24           30   6.80
##  8 TK Curran            23           28   8.19
##  9 NA Sowter            25           28   8.09
## 10 MTC Waller           25           27   7.59
## # … with 13 more rows

3a. Ranking Pakistan Super League (PSL) batsman


## # A tibble: 47 x 4
##    batsman      matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>          <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 Babar Azam        40     33.7   102.
##  2 L Ronchi          31     32.9   143.
##  3 DR Smith          24     30.8   111.
##  4 JJ Roy            15     30.6   123.
##  5 Kamran Akmal      46     30.1   112.
##  6 SR Watson         40     29.2   126.
##  7 Shoaib Malik      35     28.1   113.
##  8 Fakhar Zaman      38     27.6   119.
##  9 Imam-ul-Haq       15     27.4   115.
## 10 RR Rossouw        36     27.0   130.
## # … with 37 more rows

3b. Ranking Pakistan Super League (PSL) bowlers


## # A tibble: 25 x 4
##    bowler              matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>                 <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 Wahab Riaz               44           70   6.94
##  2 Hasan Ali                41           61   7.43
##  3 Faheem Ashraf            30           50   7.84
##  4 Mohammad Amir            38           48   7.16
##  5 Usman Shinwari           26           43   8.64
##  6 Mohammad Sami            29           40   7.60
##  7 Shadab Khan              40           38   7.57
##  8 Shaheen Shah Afridi      24           34   7.88
##  9 Rumman Raees             24           33   7.77
## 10 Mohammad Hasnain         16           28   8.65
## # … with 15 more rows

4a. Ranking Women’s Big Bash League (WBB) batsman

## # A tibble: 36 x 4
##    batsman    matches meanRuns meanSR
##    <chr>        <int>    <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 BL Mooney       27     46.7  129. 
##  2 SFM Devine      22     43.5  111. 
##  3 EA Perry        16     41.1   97.1
##  4 MM Lanning      19     38     98.2
##  5 JE Cameron      22     32.9  127. 
##  6 DN Wyatt        24     32    112. 
##  7 AE Jones        17     28.9  107. 
##  8 AJ Healy        19     28.4  122. 
##  9 M du Preez      19     27    101. 
## 10 L Lee           18     26.9   98.9
## # … with 26 more rows

4b. Ranking Women’s Big Bash League (WBB) bowlers

## # A tibble: 31 x 4
##    bowler      matches totalWickets meanER
##    <chr>         <int>        <dbl>  <dbl>
##  1 M Strano         23           37   7.25
##  2 DM Kimmince      24           36   7.46
##  3 SJ Coyte         22           29   7.59
##  4 JL Jonassen      24           28   6.81
##  5 SJ Johnson       24           27   6.61
##  6 ML Schutt        22           26   6.03
##  7 SFM Devine       22           24   7.58
##  8 M Brown          23           23   7.33
##  9 M Kapp           19           23   5.05
## 10 H Graham         19           22   7.68
## # … with 21 more rows


yorkr can handle ODI and T20 matches in the format as represented in Cricsheet. In my posts, I have shown how yorkr can be used for Intl. ODI and Intl. T20 for both men and women. yorkr can also handle all T20 formats like IPL T20, BBL, Natwest T20, PSL and women’s BBL. Go ahead take yorkr for a ride and check out your favorite teams and players.

Hope you have fun!!!

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