GooglyPlusPlus 2020!!

I have updated my GooglyPlusPlus Shiny app with data from latest IPL 2020. GooglyPlusPlus  2020 is also based on my R package yorkr.  To know more about yorkr (see Revitalizing R package yorkr.) Now you should be able to analyze IPL matches, teams, players upto IPL 2020. Note: My latest GooglyPlusPlus 2020 can analyze all formats of T20 matches. yorkr uses data from Cricsheet

There are 5 tabs in each of the T20 formats

i) Analyze T20 batsmen ii) Analyze T20 bowlers. iii) Analyze T20 match iv) Analyze T20 team

vs another T20 team v) Analyze overall performance of T20 against all other teams

I plan to update GooglyPlusPlus  at least twice a year  to keep it abreast of all the latest data of all T20 formats

In GooglyPlusPlus 2020 you can check out IPL data upto 2020, besides other T20 formats like BBL, PSL, NTB, WBBL, Intl. T20 etc.

Try out GooglyPlusPlus 2020 Shiny app!!

You can clone/fork the code from Github GooglyPlusPlus2020

Important note: My earlier app GooglyPlusPlus handled all T20 formats including ODI (men and women). Due to an issue with Shiny, I could not include ODI matches in GooglyPlusPlus 2020

Here are some snapshots from GooglyPlusPlus 2020

A. Batting – Runs vs Deliveries (Shreyas Iyer)



B. Batting – Cumulative Batting Average (Shubman Gill)


C. Bowling – Mean Economy Rate (T. Natarajan)


D. Bowling -Bowler’s wickets against opposition (N A Saini)

E. Match scorecard – CSK vs DC 2020-10-17

The scorecards batting and bowling are computed on the fly for all T20 matches


F. Match – Batsmen vs Bowlers (DD vs KKR 2015-04-20)


G. Head-to-head: MI vs  KXIP all matches – Batting scorecard

H. Overall team performance- Team Bowler Wicket kind: Rajasthan Royals

Clone/fork the code from Github GooglyPlusPlus2020

Do take GooglyPlusPlus 2020 for a drive! While I have highlighted only IPL T20, because I have updated with the latest data, GooglyPlusPlus 2020 can also handle other T20 formats like BBL, Natwest, PSL, Intl. T20 (men &women) and WBB


Hope you have fun!

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